Why does spinotasuchus need 200 Kaprosuchus DNA per fuse when Megalosuchus only needs 50 megalosaurus? The hybrids are both legendaries and Kapro and Megalo are both rares.


Oh, weird … now they will fix it and make Megalo 200, too. >.< (lol)


Well…there’s lots of weird DNA request in this game.

For example, I-rex needs 50 T-rex & 200 V-raptor per fusion, but Pyrritator needs 50 P-raptor & 200 Irritator!?
Come on, Irritator is a incubator limited rare class! This make Pyrritator far more difficult to create and power up than I-rex…


Sigh… and I never see kaprosuchus about anyway


I-rex needs 500 raptor not 200. Megolasaurus requiring 50 is the only one that doesn’t follow normal pattern that I know of


Yeah…sorry about that misremembering.
Maybe that’s because I just want to complain some situation like this.:sob: