Spinotharaptor's Distracting rampage doesn't work


Distracting rampage says it deals 2.4x damage, but it only doubles the damage. Has anyone experienced the same?


I think it’s a typo it says it on few and they’re all 2x


Arena is full of bug. Normally I do about 2600 damage with a buffed Gorgosuchus when using Defense shattering impact. When a raptor uses Pounce on me, it supposed to be half my damage but my Gorgosuchus deals 1600 on them. 2600/2=1300 not 1600.
And Tragodistis Greater stunning strike has 2 turn delay but they can use it on turn 2…


2.4 would seem like an odd multiplier to choose… lol.


What about the new Wounding strike? It does 0.66 damage in the end of turn. Isn’t it odd too? And still works.


Considering that’s 2/3 damage, not that odd for a damage over time attack.