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Spionix for new update?

I have a suggestion for a new hybrid, Spionix. A combonation of a spinosaurus gen 2 and a baryonix. how does this sound to you guys?

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As much as I would love a hybrid with a vip that would further unbalance the game than it already is, unless ofc they made a Baryonx gen 2 tournament level strength.

Spinonyx is also a personal fav of mine.


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I love this dino but just like @Aether_12 said it will unbalanced the game as a vip hybrid will change everything.
But maybe vip hybrid will come out to balance indoraptor.


As much as that would be really cool, that would add another very powerful carnivore to the ever growing list, we would first need some more of the other types, amphibians most of all
But hey, Ludia has never shied away from overpowered carnivores, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it here.


That is very true. Maybe a new amphibious hybrid like Kaprostega (kaprosuchus and anthostega) would be a cool addon

That’s true. And indoraptor is kind of overpowered and needs to have somthing to stop it so who knows?

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by the way @Spionix4Jurassic, kaprosuchus has a hybrid already which is gorgosuchus so maybe kaprosuchus gen2 with acanthostega which would make it the best tournament hybrid which could then take on indoraptor maybe

It wouldn’t be as good as indoraptor and indoraptor gen 2 but it’s an amphibian which has an advantage over carnivores

Kaprosuchus Gen 2 + Acanthostega = Kaprostega

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Welcome to the Forum @Spionix4Jurassic! It would definitely be a very nice addition but like others said it would unbalance the already powerful Carnivore Rule. Also, Spinosaurus Gen 2 at level 40 looks a lot like Spinonyx anyway…



@Legomaster Yeah I forgot about that XD. That would probably look cool though

@Jurassic_Fury True. It wouldn’t change much

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Not until vips can be fused or we get a gen 2 bary that is a tournament creature

talking about spino gen2, I noticed that a spinosaur gen 2 lvl 20 had the same stats as Mastodonsaurus, eudimorphodon etc lvl 10.Screenshot_20210415-081622~2

Very look alikeeb8f93a2c2e33f371ff3ad092acdb74e4aad9680~2

Idea Spinonyx statistics lvl 40:

+14120 and (((5230

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Too op for tourney + tourney

it has baryonyx, baryonyx is VIP, so I’m expecting a VIP hybrid!

Credit to the one who made the meme? :eyes:
Would be nice if you gave a mention to those people whose images you used in posts…

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I took a screenshot.

Even if you do take a screenshot, it’s nice to give a mention or a credit to the person whose post you took it from.