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Split shield and armour attacks?

Thoughts? Would this go some way to evening the field? Or just make it unbalanced in a new way?

It feels like any dinosaurs that rely on shields aren’t viable at all. But maybe this would make them OP instead.

I don’t think it’s particularly unbalanced how it is now, but its a neat idea. After all, there are purely armor piercing moves, so why not purely shield breaking ones? The perceived dominance of shield breakers against shielders is designed that way in the games desired “rock-paper-scissors” system. An ankylosaurus stands no chance against a t rex, but replace the t rex for a velociraptor and see what happens. That said, having shield breaking only moves could be interesting, and there’s a few ways they could implement it. They could make it so that defense shattering moves no longer pierce armor, but fierce moves would still do both, further differentiating the two. If they did this, they would probably have to dish out fierce attacks to more dinos, like replacing thors defense shattering impact with fierce impact. Or they could leave everything as it is, but make a new class of move that only breaks shields. There’s a lot of large carnivorous dinosaurs that could be added to the game (giganotosaurus, charcharodontosaurus, etc.) - perhaps this could be their gimmic (since every new class added seems to have one)?


Nah, shattering moves are perfectly balanced as It is. If what you’re proposing is done chompers will become too weak to even be viable. A chomper is made to counter tanks, with this distinctions on their moves It makes It take more steps than necessary and makes them ineffective. That would bring more imbalance to the meta. Not to mention, shields are not in a bad position right now. What we are really experiencing is a lack of variety in the arena. We see few speedsters because there is a prevalence of resilient-fierce creatures that counter them too hard for them to be relevant. Since resilient-fierce creatures are anti-tank tanks they end up countering each other, and other types of dinos are left out. We have too few actual usable bleeders and even less ferocious-fierce creatures. Those 2 classes are perfect counters to those resilient-fierce dinos, but they are either too weak or just there aren’t enough of them. And without them, cunning speedsters have nothing to counter so they are mostly irrelevant or extremely situational. And then we arrive to my final point. Without those cunning speedsters, pure resilient creatures (our shielders with no shattering moves or armor piercing abilities) have no place in the meta as well. So in the end the problem stems from the lack of niche variety on the meta, not shattering abilities, those do exactly as they should to be good enough.
Although i do think that, like @Mudkipz said, It could be implemented right If for exemple, we get a new class of dinos with those moves as a gimmick exclusive to them. But for me the current shattering moves are perfectly balanced and don’t need a change.

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It has been suggested multiple times before, but I don’t think anyone’s ever decided on what creatures should get it. I think it could be cool on something new, no idea what that something would be.

So you want a move that “nullifies” the shield, but doesn’t pierce armor… :thinking::thinking:
Sounds like a move that already exists.


Nullify also removes a bunch of other effects though, so yes this is an ability that does not yet exist in the game. But I do agree that we don’t really need it for balance, it would be just for fun basically if they did add them.


I don’t like this idea chompers would be trash T-rex wouldn’t be able to kill a turtle unless you gave it armour breaking moves and if you did it would lose to alanqa of all things. It would make max & tryko even more OP and mortem rex easier to defeat.