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Spoiler Alert! 1.6 Metahub Datamine


The APK 1.6 teardown is posted by Metahub. Pretty exciting stuff if it actually happens!


You had me at irritator :heart_eyes:


@Pocemon was there any information on upcoming special creatures? Like this week is a great week but is there any more you guys spotted?


Spino and Bary gen 2 finally get a hybrid!! Oh I really hope it’s a bleeder with defense shattering just for the sake of it being awesome


This was disappointing


That’s it
But the ability to literally datamine the game is a great skill. I cant wait for more info!


How they do this data mine? Just open app in android studio?? Would love to look under the hood for a glimpse at what’s coming. I’m dissapointed that there plans to expand yet more content when it clear we need a bug fix only update!!!


The first time I heard about data mining I was blown away. It was with this game that I learned about it. And they almost always get it right, so it’s nice to know ahead of time what’s gonna happen


And I mean, ludia doesnt post EVERYTHING they are going to put…


Sorry I don’t follow, what do you mean? As I understand this is metahub checking the code. Do you mean that ludia adds things to the code? Wouldn’t that need a mantainance?


I mean that ludia doesnt put their entire update into the game before its released :smirk:


Oh I thought they did all before every update.


Wait wot.
Have I been wrong?

I’m usually wrong anyway.


Lol I recall @Pocemon saying that they do all the patch work before every update. So if they need to change something that requires a mantainance.


Plus 1 knowledge