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[SPOILER ALERT] ver.1.3 creatures avatar (& ingredient speculate)


The following picture is taken from
I don’t own these pics.

And…now depending on the hybrid’s class, I’ll give a ingredient speculate.
Some are referred to metahub.


Diplotator (rare)
Diplocaulus X Irritator Gen2

Ankylocodon (rare)
Ankylosaurus Gen2 X Ophiacodon

Diloranosaurus (legendary)
Dilophosaurus X Ouranosaurus

Monomimus (legendary)
Monolophosaurus X Ornithomimus


Tuorapoloch (Unique)
Tuojiangosaurus X Paramoloch

Sarcorixi (Epic)
Sarcosuchus X Einiasuchus
*aka: Sarniasuchus, which is the former placeholder name

Based on metahub speculate, I observe hybrid’s avatar, also consider their rarity.
(ex: Diloranosaurus got green body color, that will more possibly from Dilophosaurus instead of Dilophosaurus Gen2)


And those pictures are taken from the original post by Ludia Lol. [Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.3)


thanks for the work, lets hope you are right with
Diloranosaurus (legendary)
Dilophosaurus X Ouranosaurus