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*spoiler* Jake easer egg/jonathan

(spoilers alert - for jake and Jonathan storyline)

So Jonathan has at least herd of the tree spirt Shakespeare That was made by jake but we also cast in it (optional I think) so if jonathan has ‘seen’ it he’s also seen us in it and maybe the kiss/es between us and jake

Give me your Crazy theory’s people!

Also hint jake is to return soon?


I saw that too and I think that Lovelink all happens in the same world but our character might be a different one/independent from each story :smiley: (does that makes sense? haha). Honestly I think that he didn’t see us in there but would have been funny to see him talking about how we look in the movie xD.

For example, I will give a little spoiler I guess about Samantha and Jamie so don’t ready if you don’t want to read a spoiler >.<

For example when Jamie is talking about OZO the cyber terrorist and he says that person started in a game and all that stuff he mentions if im not wrong the nickname in that game. When then you talk with Samantha I think that she says that SAME NICKNAME and the hints looks like she is OZO so probably all the stories are in the same world but sadly every interactions with the characters are independent :frowning: Still was cool to see.


I laughed when he brought it up and was like, “aw, poor Zayn” :joy: I remember when chatting with the AI match, she had referenced a "soldier that was upset they couldn’t access Lovelink".


I really love these little mentions / Easter eggs

I rember the ai one now I don’t think much of it


thats like when one of the girls, i think its eveline/jade mention the guy in prison