Spoiler: New dinosaur hybrids


Was just viewing the metahub dinodex and saw they’ve added a couple of placeholders for new dinosaur hybrids:

Potential future hybrid of Eniasuchus (Rare hybrid) and Sarcosuchus (Common).

Potential future hybrid for Tuojiangosaurus (Rare) and Paramoloch (Legendary hybrid).



I am thinking positive. I do feel that the developers are improving the game and read comments (mostly criticisms) made by players.
The new hybrids seem to give life to dinos which we tend to push aside because they are meta garbage :rofl: in which we have been complaining and asking for variety.


Honestly we’ve known this for awhile but just didn’t say anything, we also knew about carnotaurus and dracorex montages before they were released. Gallimimus and Brachiosaurus are both in the code


You mean now I’ll have to actually start collecting Sarcosuchus instead of ignoring the abundant infestation everywhere I go?


Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing for months


You haven’t made the Einasuchus? Is one of the best


You mean this guy?

Yeah, he’s a staple.

I was saying I need to start collecting Sarcosuchus, since I always ignore it since there are no less than 4 on the map at one time and it’s compleyely useless. I’ll be more inclined to fuse with my existing hybrid.


Sarniasuchus has been in the code for ages, it was planned from the beginning


I’m pleased there’ll be a use for Sarcosuchus now, it’s literally everywhere but I just ignore it normally.


The hybrid stats and moves are bad anyway


show off (: mine"s better lol


I have the DNA to level twice, only coins for once. There was a period early on where I abandoned mine to use nundasuchus DNA for majundasuchus. What a waste.


Lol, I made a mistake once and I used all the dna for the little susho, anyway coins are really becoming a problem, no other way but to buy them…or wait forever to collect them, Dinos 19 cost 30.000!


Good to know I have literally been wondering what to do with all the excess DNA for some Dino’s. I usually level them up but they use my precious coins. Now I can just wait until I can use them for fusing.

Now if I can just stop them from blinking. It makes me feel like I need to level them up to stop the notification numbers too.


i knowwww!!! Lol, I have wasted so many coins on Dinos and Hibrids I don’t use, I am carefull now, I evaluate and wait, I used to rush and level up anything that moved!


I hear the wasted coin sentiment however we forget the only way to level up to get more DNA per attempt is to use coin. So leveling up lower Dinos in my opinion is essential until you get past level 10 11 ish. At level 16 (started at 14) I have to all but ignore the level up and past level 20 Dinos are 50,000 coin per…perspective that is 10 real dollars per level up at 21 it’s 60,000 coin…can you imagine how much a level 30 dino would be?!


Damn, that would take more than a week of grinding the daily max amount of coins just to level one Dino and that’s as a VIP.

I can’t imagine how slow it must be as a non-VIP.


Off course to go up on xp we got to level up, but nowadays I just don’t level up everything, I have so many epics at 11 but not all are good enough for the level I am playing and also…you notice how many Dinos have very similar stats and tricks? I try to level up only the one I think will be good for my team, and yes, my next vraptor is lv20 and 40.000! So lv21 it’ll be 50.000 smakaronies!!!


Yeah I have said from the beginning they are going to price players out of the game because there is a bot wall when using level 20s and the coin cost is like a penny doubled for 30 days concept. (1 million dollars after 30 days if you didn’t know :crazy_face:)


Do we know what level will be required for the Sarniasuchus? My einiasuchus is lvl 15, and I have more than enough DNA to raise it, but I’d rather save that DNA (and coins) if I’m just going to put that into this hybrid. A lot of hybrids only require lvl 15. I might have to do some leveling of my Sarcosuchus, who I’ve left at lvl 10.