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[Spoiler]Upcoming Events


For anyone interested, I did some looking around and found some upcoming events. No dates and in no particular order.

Night Fury “Win the trust of the Night Fury before this event is over to bolster your team’s might with his legendary valor.”

Barf & Belch “This is your chance to add this famous Zippleback to your team, if only you can earn the trust of both of them before the event is over.”

Meatlug “Earn the trust of the Iron Gronkle before the event is over to add Fishlegs’ favourite to your team!”

Hookfang “Can you wrangle the Fangster’s friendship before the event comes to an end? He’s waiting to find out!”

Stormfly “Stormfly will only be around for awhile. Win her trust and you could be the first to add her to your team.”

Cloudjumper “The chance to make friends with Valka’s Stormcutter don’t come every day. Can you win his trust before the event ends?”

Skullcrusher “Eret’s Rumblehorn has been spotted nearby. Get out there and win its trust before the event comes to a close!”

Windshear “Heather’s famous Razorship is only around for a short while. Get out there and win her over before it’s too late!”

Next event dragon/ next dragons to be added to game
Event Dragons

Oh boy. Can’t wait to not be able to get all these dragons.


I almost laughed my @$$ out:joy:


Yeah, me too. It’s like competing for days to get them in baby forms and they’re never gonna grow up. Like with Toothless, the still nameless Light Fury he mated (married?) with, and Cloudjumper. At least I can look at their cute faces and pet them to my heart’s content.


I agree with @Featherwing, all of the dragon’s baby forms are adorable, its going to be hard not to just keep them like that!

  • Toothless
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Yoooooo you can get a normal night furry!


So based on the quote, is it just me or does that make it sound like we steal Windshear from Heather making it so Heather no longer has a dragon?


Omg I am so siked for windsher they should have a triple strike event

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They have changed all the quotes, they now basically just say.

“Be the first to add Windshear to your team! Gain her trust in this limited-time event, and she’ll prove to be a powerful ally.”,


Yes, all those those look awesome. The ones planned, and the idea of getting Dagur’s Tripple Stryke. (I forgot the dragon’s name, excuse me.) I also want for them to add the Nightlights. And for some other awesome dragons, like Changewing, the Dramillion, the Crimson Goregutter and the Deathsong to be added. Am I asking a lot? :stuck_out_tongue:

Because I can think of a few more if I try.

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Holy JEBUZ I want him too! Either Purple or Yellow would work for him.

What if Ludia went ham and gave him an ability that switched his color from one to the other?

Like if he was originally Purple, his ability would switch him to Yellow if his health touches the halfway mark. Same thing if he was originally Yellow.

It would be hard to implement I guess, but that sounds sick.


I bet they can add those in EVENTUALLY


I think this is the beginning of a good idea; color shifting!

I think they should implement it.

P.S. Sorry, but… what sounds sick? Lost you there.


Yeah, key word is eventually. It would be wonderful if they do, though.

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Oh, the idea of color shifting. Never ever done before, and would be awesome to be seen on an epic dragon such as the Triple Stryke.

I can see him inflicting venom on enemies, increasing allies’ attack, and maybe one more thing… Counter attack? Or too cliche?


I am all for it. :slight_smile: