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[Spoilers Future] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.9

The idea of balancing the meta was not bad at all. Now resilients haven’t so much power in 1 vs 1 (except Hadros Lux and Skoonasaurus that are really broken, I will talk about them later).

The big problem about it is that Ludia hasn’t take into account all the factors of the game, and in addittion, they have implemented it in the worst possible way.

Resilients are OP → Nerf them, removing his decelerating abilities → Ok, but not at all.
Skoonasaurus → Vulnerable counter attack + Rampage → Destruction machine → Not Ok.

Hadros Lux → Vulnerable counter attack + Rampage → Anhiliation machine → Not Ok.
Hadros can instakill almost all the fierce creatures in the game, and remember that fierces should defeat resilients.

Geminititan → Vulnerable basic + Rampage → Still OP that destroys almost everyone.

Ardentis → Like Geminititan, a bit lower.

Diorajasaur → With the vulnerability attacks, will become a really OP creature thanks of his counter-attack hitting x1.5 every time he recieves an attack.

Trykoysaurus → Like Diorajasaur, but a bit lower, since his counter-attack is worse.

Fierce has to defeat the OP resilients, so what did ludia with them? Removing or decreasing their vulnerability resistance.

Mortem Rex was one of the uniques fierces that could do something with Hadros Lux and Ceramagnus. What did ludia with her/him? Nerf him, removing his vulnerability resistance and decreasing his stunning resistance.

And this is not the worst thing of all. Most of us are really tired of the Swap and attack META (SIA), full of Ceramagnus, Dracoceratops, Dracoceratosaurus and Monolorhino.
The vulnerability change will become this bad meta in a real inferno.

It’s enough to hit the opponent with a vulnerability attack and then change to one of these creatures, which will destroy the rival.

Everything isn’t bad in the update, creatures like Spinoconstrictor, Poukandactylus, and many more has received a deserved buff. But know what, we are not going to receive a Reset or Shuffle Boost, so the changes are still useless…

I hope Ludia think twice about the Update, but without the support of the players it won’t happen, so I ask you to give importance to this post or write your own supporting posts.

Thank you in advance,



Use resilient then rat, use reslient then rat.
And the Last us Hadros or Skoona and battle win

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Exactly that’s the thing
Alot of players complained to Ludia that Resilient are too powerful to make them less powerful and doing that is okay but the things like mortem and magnus the nerfs they getting ain’t good , mortem can now be easily stunned and dinos like erlidominus will rock in areanas and after this change alot of raid bosses will become unbeatable for low levels and Ludia is literally playing god with Thor . Hadros and skoona became once god’s of the game but Ludia spoiled them :frowning:
The update on resilent dinos is ok but think about the dinos which lost their abilities
Hope Ludia will fix them

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Thank you for your comment @Dark_Gamer !


Completely right! It will be The Groundhog Day

I support!

Thanks! I hope we can change something with the help of everyone! :slight_smile:

Let’s see how good everything is after the update. Every Dino that has a vulnerable move will be good now. Now there can be more diversity in the game people using different Dino’s especially cunning since everyone has the same eight to ten Dino’s on every team. This is what happens when people scream nerf everything all the time. Notice Ludia is making the movesets better the game more exciting. Maybe there is a point to this maybe give it a shot before saying skoona and lux and so on are broken when we haven’t even tried them out and I’m sure tons of people are grinding right now to get skoona and whoever else on that list to 30 and people are already saying to strong nerf. I don’t think they will do a reset just because same thing will happen everyone will pick the same eight to ten Dino’s and it will be the same thing all over again. Funny thing is cera isn’t on your list which is by far the best Dino in the game at 29 for a swap in does crazy amounts of damage and now has vulnerable also swap in and do 4 plus in damage that’s the Dino everyone should worry about.

Yeah as of right now we have no idea how this will play out. It might be a much better nerf than you might expect. There are a lot of creatures getting nerfed and some getting buffed. IMO resilient losing speed control is going to be a bigger nerf for them than getting vulnerability. Acrocanthops might do even better, Dio and tryko won’t be able to slow down cunnings and pure fierce. And i’m especially happy about the testa, spinocon and pouka buffs. This rework will allow them to shine too. IMO more pluses than minuses.

Well doesnt fierce attacks cleanse vulnerable? So fierce still counters resilient

Against Skoonasaurus and Hadros Lux is useless, since the counter-attack makes them vulnerable after the cleaning.

Moreover, as I explained, it’s as easy as attack with a vulnerability attack and change to Ceramagnus, Monolorhino or Dracos to defeat the enemy.

Without reset boost or shuffle boost, you won’t be able to use testa, spinocon or pourka since update 3.0…

As I explained, in a 1 vs 1 maybe is a good balance, but as you can see there will be creatures over Tyrant level like Skoonasaurus and Hadros Lux. In addition, the meta will be 10000% SIA, so even worse than current meta.

Theoretically, fierce creatures must beat resilients, but almost every fierce creature has been nerfed in the vulnerability resistance. Mortem Rex has received 2 nerfs in resistance also. We can say right now, that the meta is not going to improve…

Impact counter :clap::joy:

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When is the update coming out?

Tuesday, EST time

When will it release in india?

Wednesday maybe, in the morning they should be available for your phone

Ok thanks @Ozora_Nadhif

The swap meta isn’t going away any time soon, I agree, But there are also a lot of unorthodox creatures that might be able to beat lux or hadros.
If a mortem is faster than the opposing lux and deals enough damage it should win after taking one hit. I will however agree that this change might tip the balance more so into the resilient side but I still want to find out how some of these matchups go. For example Erlidom might start reappearing and so will spinocon.

This change only shakes up the arena so much that it might become fun to fight for a while. I am a little disappointed that they didn’t give us a boost reset but I’m happy that they haven’t messed up the changes too badly.