Spoofer, Really!

So I have been reading different topics on this forum. People have been talking about ranges, VIP, and strike events. I have notice growing b/s in the battle arena. Ludia is banning spoofers for false gps and whatnot, but what is the point of that when the game wont update my location? My game has had me at home all day, which I find funny cuz I was at the grocery store. But either way, ALL the dinos are out of range, even the ones I ran down the street to catch. Nobody likes run breakers, but what good does that do when you battle robots who get 3 moves to your one and have ridiculously high numbered dinos.

My temporary rant is over, lol.

Hey Renee_Webb, if you’re still having trouble with your current location, try turning the location settings on your device off and back on again and see if it helps refresh it. Our FAQ here also has more information that could be helpful: https://ludia.helpshift.com/a/jurassic-world-alive/?s=troubleshooting

I suggest please don’t resurrect more than a year old topic. Thanks


Spoofers can be anywhere in the four dimensions. Nearby or recent mean nothing to these Tardis hoppers.

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If you want to cheat I don’t want to play with you, play legit or go away. Why would Ludia want cheaters in their game not spending money? its like someone going into a fancy restaurant and stealing food, then complaining the food is subpar.

You think they would care? I wouldn’t

You must be new around here! When I first joined and when 1.7 launched I was basically permanently awaiting mod approval for my posts lol, ive tried to grow up since then though!

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I reported his post and they are being taken care of …

AS I MENTIONED: if @Daniel_Catlin wants to say something then CREATE ONE NEW topic for it RATHER than REPLYING to Every old Spoofing topic especially with same or similar copy-pasted message.


How about they not be lazy and put cheaters in a separate lobby instead of banning they telling them to get stuffed if they want support, not all of us have cars to go out at nighttime or money to spend on crap

Why cater to cheaters who are going against the ToS when they could just ban them and be rid of the problem?

Edit: also I don’t drive and only use public transport or walk, ive never cheated!

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Are you unaware that Ludia did take care of (some of) them. And they keep doing that?

I am sure you already on forums when this was all happening

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But then they are limiting their playerbase and plus people who can’t go out they are discriminating against them and only appealing to rich people

I don’t have a car nor a drivers license and I have Osteoarthritis in my back so walking hurts.

I still play legit!

I also live in a dangerous suburb and was actually attacked the other week which I posted about, I still play legit.

Just take a bus ride and play while sitting back!

Id rather quality players over quantity any day!

Another reason to play legit is that it feels good when you earn and unlock all those dinosaurs.

Also you never have to worry about being banned and losing everything.


There aren’t that many spoofers in this game for a couple reasons:

  1. This game is not that popular.
    ( no offense, I love this game)

  2. You cannot spoof on Androids because they are detectable very easily. Apple denied companies request to look at their GPS data, so only iPhones are secure to spoof on. Because only half the market has spoofing available, the numbers are really low.

It’s a shame that some dishonest people spoof on this game because this game is heavily PVP oriented. Compared to other games like PoGo, where it is mainly of solo experience, and spoofing is mainly for your own benefit and doesn’t affect other players enjoyment of play NEARLY as much.


Could be somebody feels you’re spamming with the spoof stuff…

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