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Spoofer, Really!


So I have been reading different topics on this forum. People have been talking about ranges, VIP, and strike events. I have notice growing b/s in the battle arena. Ludia is banning spoofers for false gps and whatnot, but what is the point of that when the game wont update my location? My game has had me at home all day, which I find funny cuz I was at the grocery store. But either way, ALL the dinos are out of range, even the ones I ran down the street to catch. Nobody likes run breakers, but what good does that do when you battle robots who get 3 moves to your one and have ridiculously high numbered dinos.

My temporary rant is over, lol.


Hey Renee_Webb, if you’re still having trouble with your current location, try turning the location settings on your device off and back on again and see if it helps refresh it. Our FAQ here also has more information that could be helpful: