Spoofers are Paying Customers too


I do not want to go into why people spoof as different people can have different reasons, ie safety, kids, etc… One thing certain is that these people want to enjoy the game similarly.

So it seems that developers are planning to take action against spoofers, but before banning spoofers do take note that by doing so you are probably going take away revenue (probably a lot).

As a spoofer, one can easily get a lot of DNA. However, soon after the person will struggle evolving and also leveling up their dinosaurs cause need COINS. To get it means either spend real life money, do tapjoy task or accessing supply drops.

By limiting daily supply drops coins, it doesn’t really give spoofers much coins to do with the amount of DNA to evolve/leveling up. So mostly, spoofers will spend real life money or do tapjoy which are both revenue generator for the company.

I cannot speak for others but I have spent hundredsss and will continue to spend given how the game works with coins currently. By banning or limiting spoofers, it will just take a paying customer out from your revenue. Those spoofers on the leadership board are mostly paying customers too to reach that high.

Lastly, are there even a T&C that states spoofing are not allowed before we even start playing the game?

Anyway, I do hope that the upcoming solution will address this fairly for spoofers and non spoofers instead of just banning people especially paying ones.


i reackon they should put spoofers in a differnt leader board and area’s so they can do as much as they want there and so we none spoofers get stay with the normal leader board


So ya spoof and don’t wanna get banned basically was the point of that gibberish.

By that “logic” anyone that is a paying customer can basically cheat and do whatever they want because they are entitled…eye roll.


Well they might have to wait for the new release Jurassic Coach, if there unable to do things to play this game as intended why bother exactly? This game was intended for you to walk and explore to catch dinosaurs. The developers don’t have to bend a game will to users who don’t want to follow TOS. Funny cause most spoofers don’t have any issues at all, there just lazy. Most spoof tubers don’t have any physical lacking abilities to keep them outside. In yet they will spread the influence to the audience to there viewers


the only difference is that, you are enjoying the game in other people’s expense. Ask yourself, you are spoofing because you just love dinosaurs? or you are spoofing to get Max coin everyday and fuse up those legendaries and uniques to beat other people?

Your justification is more akin to… printing your own money to enjoy life. You are actually doing less damage in this hypothetical scenario and stimulating local economy.


Entire reason we have game genres people, different games. Ones that require hard grinds, casual games, games that adapt to your own play style. Any other AR reality game is performing the same action. Ingress already bans, Go has been fighting there battle banning but not all. So don’t be suprised when they wanna take action. If you can’t follow TOS, there plenty of other games that require you to be a mushroom at home, actually there thousands. Move on, thank you .


So you assume that only because you pay, you have a right to cheat? Don’t speak about “fairness” when you are making the game very unfair to others. As for needing coins, actually if you spoof for dinosaurs, you can spoof for supply drops and get ridiculously high amount of coin without moving a leg.

Look, I have never spoofed myself but I’m not radically against it. I don’t think it’s bad to do it very occasionally, if maybe you can’t get out on an event day because of the weather or something like that. But if you are a spoofer, like doing it every day and getting lots and lots of epics without really working for it, then yes, that IS bad. You are climbing the ranks much more easily than non-cheating players and therefore making arenas very unbalanced. You are occupying the top 500 and making it unaccessible for non-cheaters. And that is something I will never be okay with.

Sadly, you are right about one thing. Spoofers can be paying costumers, and that DOESN’T give you the right to cheat, but it may make Ludia look the other way, so I really hope they do take action against it. If they are afraid of losing money with this, I guess the next best option is to put spoofers in a different leaderboard, but if they really get through with this and get rid of all the spoofers plaguing the top positions, Ludia will have my deepest admiration and cheaters will get what’s coming to them.


I didn’t know what spoofing was until I googled it, I actually agree with ole boy here about not banning them, my father in law has serious issues and can’t walk like I do with the kids and dino hunt. So he uses it so wile I’m at work he can have my 8 and 5 year old hunt dinosaurs on his account. Because of this game my kids actually want to go to a museum and parks with me.
There are lazy people out there, but then there are people who can’t walk around, or are in pain by walking, or the people with kids that can’t drive or walk 5 miles to get a single if on a dinosaur,
Hell his GPS thingy has helped me know where to walk with the kids to find dinosaurs, they love getting to pretend it’s hiding in a building, or about to jump out at us, but banning someone who might actually be crippled, because they use something to equal the playing field, I would cancel my subscription for them banning him.as well as publish all the information concerning other issues that this game has that breaks universal studios guidelines.
Btw… internet security tech here.


Tapjoy is for poors. Make more money.


A purge needs to be done. But I’m still worried for innocent players. The games has the worst GPS polling I’ve experienced. Mine doesn’t poll correctly unless I run another app like a fitness one to poll GPS. Left to it’s own software I’ve seen the game a mile off when using mobile data.


I’m pretty sure these parts of the terms of service that you agreed to prohibit GPS spoofing and therefore give ludia the right to terminate your account:

Terms of use
Section 3, paragraph A, subsection iv:

You agree not to modify any services or processes accessible by any portion of the Service.

And subsection v:

Engage in any activity that interferes with the proper operation of the Service


How about you or "they " learn how to play the game as it was intended to be played . If you have to cheat then that is very sad


And since when do we click ‘I agree’?

They cannot bound us to such regulations if we have not ‘agree’

As such, does driving considered illegal?


I can’t remember.

Do you not have to read and agree to them when you first install the game?

I know most people quickly scroll to the bottom and click agree without reading them though.


Nothing wrong or shameful about being poor tho


Well, judging by what ABluesFan has posted here, driving doesn’t mean modifying anything, but it’s actually ‘forbidden’ in the sense that if you drive, you will get a warning that won’t let you see the screen. Being a passenger while someone else drives, however, is clearly acceptable. And since most people can’t spend hours and hours as a passenger moving around, it won’t give you such an advantage as spoofing would.


I don’t think there is any t&c that we have to read and click agree when installing or playing the game at the beginning.

So, technically they cannot just force us to agree on something and take actions without our consent


Actually, there is. You always have to agree first. But even assuming you are right and there isn’t. Let’s put it this way:

Imagine you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend and you cheat on them. They get angry and your argument is that they never told you you didn’t have permission. Seriously? It’s kind of obvious unless they said explicitly otherwise. Don’t play the victim here, please.


Well, you can’t bring the BF/GF theory to court you know.

Probably someone can re-confirm that we did agree on the t&c

No, I’m not playing victim. If the game did not define the terms properly and being agreed on, technically spoofers are not at fault


Sure you can’t, but they will break up with you and Ludia can perfectly ban you for breaking their terms of use (which, again, you either have to accept or simply have the obligation to read anyway. If you haven’t, that’s your fault and nobody else)

I really hope they ban you all and cleanse this game