Spoofers - Consequences - Suggestion

First off, fantastic job identifying spoofers Ludia. Truly, well done. you did what Pogo and other games could not.

Although we’ve heard that bans are temporary from spoofers on the forum (24 hours it sounds like) I’d like to make a suggestion.

If you’re not going to ban them permanently, don’t let them be on the leaderboard or participate in tournaments. If they spoof again, ban them for good. But if they really want to take their overpowered team of Unique dinos and battle Ludiarobots all day, let em have at it then.

I am very impressed with how you’ve handled this so far but I am a little disappointed with the 24 hour temp ban. I was hoping for permanent bans. But I understand that permanent bans aren’t always reasonable. I’m just hoping for a middle ground. Because this is the most fun I’ve had in the arena in FOREVER.

Getting beat by people who didn’t cheat – even people who paid whale-sums of money, it’s just far better than getting beat by cheaters with teams so overpowered that we might as well be facing level 30 robots again.


I agree. But let’s wait and see.

I have a horrible feeling that after the ban lifts they’ll still have their trophies, dinos at their high, unfair and unattanable levels. They should have a hard reset with no refund options.

Can you imagine being one of the people that turned themselves in to be reset with a cash refund? To find out all that would happen would be that you’d be put in time out for a day?

If they only get banned for 24 hours and no other consequences follow, I will unsubscribe from VIP and start spoofing myself. Why not if there’s no real consequence?


Has the ban or reset started?

I suggest they can only find Diplocaulus forever.


no (pm)
Repercussions, including bans, will be given out very soon for cheaters and spoofers.

If it’s only a 24 hour ban I’d spoof the gps just to get some dinos since they rarely spawn in my range after last update and dont get to play much on the weekend anyways. Should have been a reset with no refund. If they set the standard for punishment at 24 hours and let you keep the ill gotten gains it’s worth it!

A lot of spoofers still haven’t been caught

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What is the point of a 24 hour ban if they are still able to keep their stuff? That does absolutely nothing. If anything, that just give them an indication to start erasing any evidence that they have cheated. Just straight up ban them and move on.

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Guys, forget this, is an issue will never be solved.
Pokemon Niantic talk loud about this, today there r more spoofers and nobody cares.
Don’t expect to PAY to win, u never win spoofers/hackers in such games.

The issue can be solved, but for some reason it’s not being implemented.
Make ‘spoofing’ a part of the game.

Take away the power of the people that lurk in the shadows. Give it to everyone. Ludia wins that way.

  1. they can focus on big cheaters
  2. they make themselves look good
  3. it makes the game enjoyable overall
    Puts people on a level playing field. Reset everyone, make spoofing official, give players a couple of epic/premium incubators.

As seen with niantic, attacking spoofing negatively affects the game. Why does no one else see this?

You had totally get away from the objective of the game, which is to encourage players to be out and have fun, socialise and make friends.
Spoofers took away the fun side of the game by getting way ahead with no effort, simply by flying around the world and be top within days.
I don’t know, but surely would love to hear from any spoofer who is right on top and share the excitement being there, win every fight without any challenge…fun?

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The objective of the game is to collect and battle dinosaurs. It is not to get outside. You can easily socialize in a myriad of ways.

Would adding spoofing as a feature remove the unfair advantage people have ?
YES. Absolutely. This is the backbone of why spoofing is bad. Some players get an unfair advantage. HOWEVER
If everyone got this advantage, this unfair advantage goes away.

Would it encourage people to work together to find rare/epic dinosaurs?

Yes. An excellent way to socialize.

Im guessing this guy spent a lot of money cause i played him twice and got destroyed. He wasnt banned lol

An example of difference between physical socialise and spoofing:
“Hey guys, a Trex just down that corner, let’s go”…”did u get it”…


“Trex…with GPS coords…all spoofers fly there within seconds”…

I am not against spoofing, everyone play the way u like…just have fun within the game, is really up to Ludia to handle this issue.

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He have a 25 tuoramoloch, aka maximum p2w dino, i have him as friendlist too, i guess he is only a 5k+ euros spender


That doesn’t solve the issue. Spoofers have been gaining an unfair advantage for months and breaking the rules. Allowing them to just keep their teams would be like letting some country who cheats at the olympics win medals and just saying “well next year, EVERYONE can use steroids! Isn’t the goal to be the fastest/strongest after all?!?”


If the only punishment is a 24 hour ban, then why wouldn’t everybody start spoofing?


A 1 day time out? To have all level 30 uniques? Not a bad trade. The entire world will be spoofing now.

You still have to buy the coins which is probably several thousand dollars. Lydia isn’t dumb. Those are not the people you want to drive away.

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I expected Ludia to sneakily force the self report system on high spending cheats. But 3 months spoofing is 3 years legit play. 24 hours is a joke.

I requested my money back today. As terms of service must apply equally. And while self report cheats were adequately punished holdout cheats are laughing merrily. Actually the leaderboard hasn’t changed too much could of all been fine if Ludia just reset cheats


Yea. He got me 2 times this morning