Spoofers everywhere!


Good lord my whole afternoon so far has been playing these guys and it is definitely disruptive to this ongoing tournament. Look at my recent played list there is like 3 real players versus the rest.

[Screenshot removed]

2 thirds of my opponents are not legit players Ludia please fix this or this tournament won’t be worth anything. It horrible losing rank and it not being to a legit player.


Probably get deleted for naming and shaming but it’s getting stupid now :roll_eyes:


I agree. So dumb. I don’t understand the satisfaction with spoofing. That’s why I stopped playing Pokemon go.


That’s why I lost interest in Pokémon Go. The raids made it even more obvious, because there might be 5-6 people raiding with who aren’t physically there.


Ludia are owned by Freemantle media. Freemantle have a strict code on taking money unethically. I really think Ludia broke this keeping breakers of its TOS in the game just to make more.

  • Avoid doing business with others who do not accept our principles and who may harm our reputation;

  • Keep transparent and updated records;

  • Make sure that everyone in our business knows and adheres to our principles;

  • Keep our principles even when it becomes difficult.



Agreed, I went into the city for pogo and I was the only one at the raid, yet there was a full 20 in there


Yes, it’s kind of ironic when spoofers wind up helping you in a raid. I still hate them! :rage:


I’ve been getting lucky the last few days and haven’t faced many cheaters. I was starting to think something had actually been done about it. I’m hanging around the 4500s right now so I guess I’ll be stepping into the real mess very soon. What a joke.


Are only players with the little symbols legit? Because no one on my recent list has one. O.o


Same, been playing actual players lately. I was just about to break the 4300 range and I faced 5 straight spoofers in a row. Managed to beat the 5th one, and came close to winning a few, but an L is an L. Now back to the 4100-200 range. They seem to all have elridomimus, and trykosaurus these days.


At least people waking up and smelling the roses


If you are not in the top 500 you don’t have the symbol and therefore you can’t tell if it’s someone caught by Ludia or a normal player. It can explain why you don’t see any symbol


I know the feeling, im now at 5k points and get matched 90% whit spoofers whit absurds teams of uniques losing 35,45 points eachtime i lose xd


Symbol means they are in top500. Most of those should be there because of their trophies but because they are spoofers they are not in top500. That’s how you can tell when someone with high amount of trophies is spoofer. For someone who has less trophies it’s harder to say if they are spoofers or not.


ya’ll gotta understand that there are some people that have dumped a ton of cash on the game and are legit. 5,000,000+ people have downloaded it. not unreasonable that a few will have really good teams without spoofing.


Yeah it is! the premium incubators come with mostly useless DNA and have a cap on how may you can buy. Just look at the 7th rank with all coming player lvl 10 how that guy get there without hacks??


Just no I have spent a few k on the premium incubators they suck come with more gen2 DNA than epic-legendary and they are capped at like only a few per week. Sure some legit have good teams but more than 1 unique at 25 + come on! There is a reason for the weekly events and it’s that the incubators are a cash grab that does not guarantee advantage


I honestly don’t get how there’s still people denying the undeniable.


Cause they spoof and prob know that if the legits that spend make enough noise a real banhammer will eventually come so they come on the forum to try to deny as much as possible every day


It’s starting to feel that way, tbh.