Spoofers in Alliances


So we have to ask, Ludia: Why are there spoofers in Alliances? I thought spoofers weren’t allowed in Alliances, yet here we see several members in the top leader board, part of alliances with players who are clearly spoofers. What gives? Y’all seemed to drop the ball on this one.



Why do you think they’re spoofers, maybe they’re just players who’ve spent a lot of time rubbing up against bots.


They’re unranked with enough trophies to be ranked. One screenshot is from before the reset.


Still not sure I understand what you mean.


The symbol between their name and trophy count means they’re ranked. The ones with enough trophies to be ranked yet are not ranked are players that have been marked by Ludia as cheaters. And somehow they’re in alliances after Ludia claimed it wouldn’t be possible. This means that spoofers can trade DNA with legit players now.


There’s a lot of spoofers who weren’t marked and are still on the leaderboards anyways.


Lol of course they let the spoofs in ROFL. Big L come on mate! I wonder though if they are giving DNA out to other members or just transferring DNA to their LEGIT accounts so that they can run amok?? This is why big L needs to shut em down they always looking for a way in


OMG don’t say that quaky will be in here no second to blindly claim that such a thing isn’t possible despite evidence lol


Oh I see. It would be very helpful if us alliance leaders could see this (ranked) information in our members rosta so we can remove these flangy low-down dirty cheaters from our clans!!!


One simple reason and that is MONEY


I am afraid you can’t unless they have trophies in the range of dynamically changing top 500 players.

Or if game just rank every arena trophy holder.


That’s not right… Ludia reads these forums. I can’t wait for them to hit these creeps with a permaban. Some of us legit grind throughout the day and it’s not fair to watch these spoofers get the rewards. I still don’t even have an Ouranosaurus unlocked yet, and I’ve been playing for months.


But it’s sickening to think that we might be donating/selling DNA to the spoofers exploiting us. That is simply unacceptable!


I don’t think you guys fully understand what the op is stating. These ppl are able to trade with the banned players that no longer are on our LB or able to play the same game. So how is this possible?


@TheMaxx I was trying to figure out what you posted. Aha! Now I know (it’s been THAT kinda day OK?)


“The Devs reserve the right to do what they want to do…” quoting one of the forum members…

“If you’re not happy with anything, quit the game…” quoting another member of the forum…

“Nobody force you to participate in the tournament…” quoting another member…


They are in the same game they just only matchmake with each other or bots Practically like an extra spoofer arena just for them


I understand that. But we don’t match with them. So how are they able to trade dna with ppl that impact us


We shouldn’t be able to but somehow spoofed accounts can create / join alliances. Maybe they forgot the line of code that only allows spoofers to ally with each other only(while telling us they don’t get them!)