Spoofers in Alliances

And this is something that they do not even attempt to hide. Crazy how we have to point this out.

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It’s quite bad it would take an age but u can bet there are people transferring spoof DNA to their alternate Legit acc

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I agree. Again I won’t say this till I know it’s fact. But it’s very possible and probable

Worst part is it might not be traceable how to flag account that acts legit but receives illegitimate DNA ??

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This whole debate is unimportant simply because it takes forever to even get the dna into the legit account (right now I am waiting 16hours to make a request)and second all you are transferring is common and rare anyway! I have a feeling if spoofers are doing this they realize it’s not that great anyway and probably will give up! Yes if you could transfer epic legendary and unique it would be worthwhile!

I was excited at the prospect of transferring dna but after I realized we are still stuck with the same fusion system and limited to a handful of dinosaurs and the small amount you transfer it no longer excites me!

It’s helpful but nothing to go crazy about!


Quite a lot of the uniques are fused with a common or a rare so it isn’t unimportant if half (more than half as alot of the component hybrids used also created by rares and commons!!) the work to an end game lvl creature can be “spoofed”. I’m lvl 17 and can request almost 4k common DNA a day and like 2k rare. Imagine a spoofer with spare time makes an entire alliance worth of alts

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I disagree. Some of this DNA is very valuable. Velociraptor? The now suddenly impossible to find kaprosuchus? I can’t imagine this DNA not having value to anyone, let alone someone so lazy they won’t even play the game. Just because it’s common doesn’t make it worthless.

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Hey DPG members, we understand that there are some concerns about this. Our team has been notified, and they’re currently investigating. Once there is more information, we’ll be sure to give everyone an update here on the forums. You can also get the most up to date news through our other social media channels as well.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JurassicWorldAlive/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jworldalive?lang=en


Since spoofers can still play and haven’t been banned (like they should have been), perhaps we should just spof to victory since Ludia never really got rid of them…

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

I guess the whole “alt accounts” thing escapes me. I understand the concept of doing this in other games, but not seeing a real point to alt accounts in this one.

I ran 8 accounts at the same time in Asherons Call and was able to control them all at the same time. But that game had team designed content and you could do the harder team oriented content by yourself with multi accounts.

I really dont see a point in 'multi-boxing" JWA. Why go out on an alt accout and harvest DNA with exclusive intent on trading that DNA to your main account? Why not just use your main account to begin with?

I could see if epic DNA was involved, how you could use alt accounts and dart the epic dinos of the day and then xfer it all to one account. But I seriously doubt we will ever see epic DNA requestable in JWA.

So you are thinking, why not just do this anyway with rares and commons? With good active guilds, you get your requests filled anyway, so whats the point in having alt accounts? Maybe if you hate people and wanted to play alone, but yeah, I dont get it.

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they are probably spoofing on the alt to keep the main clean. then transfer over spoofed dna to main.


We still do regular cheater sweeps, we just don’t announce them. For all those concerned.


It would be easy enough to isolate those kinds of transactions once some data has been accumulated. It is just going to take time for enough trades to take place.

That’s good to hear! I’m just curious how Spoofers made it into alliance in a server of supposed to be legit players, where all it seems to do is benefit the legit players in getting access to whatever DNA said legit player needs with ease of access


I think the point is you could be relaxing and watching TV at the end of your day but working a laptop to gather Rare DNA like Utahraptor Or Kaprosuchus. Then the next day transfer it all to your main account.

At this point I don’t think it’s a huge advantage as you can only transfer about 100 Rare DNA to any particular request. So 200 per day.

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This game definitely should learn from pubg. Both parties are equally suported

but you can work it out to transfer even more to other accounts and have them transfer to your main aswell but that is alot of work for little gain.

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i guess if they had 5 spoofing accounts that would fill up a rare request(500). in pogo it wasnt rare to see spoofers with that many accounts because they were burner accounts to them. especially when trading came.

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I wonder how many people will start spoofing next month. Because I imagine with the snow and the cold weather, it’ll be hard to go outside and play.