Spoofers in Alliances

GPS game basically is fundamentally broken for that very reason. Sorry.

It has now become evident that a particular player on top of the leaderboard has likely started delving into spoofing themselves…this needs to stop.


Good idea but we will lost the joy of JWA .No struggle and fast to be bored.if Ludia dont banned spoofer maybe your use idea will adopt.:thinking:

thats a pretty hemispherist thing to say, isaac.

Your spoofer bans are a joke.


dish, trish!

Wait what? What does that even mean?

i feel like i’m always explaining things to you isaac - this is the last freebie:

@Marktheshark knows something, something scandalous, and i’m asking him to share that information.

i’m asking him to dish, as in to provide, and then, using internet rhyming slang, an often metaphorical manner of speech derived from memes, vines and the like, i nickname him trish.

pretty obvious then you think about it, really.


Oh snap… I was totaly off.

I thought it ment "A walrus bit my sister’.


I thought it was translated as “Wëi not trëi a høliday in Sweden this yēr?”

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the people responsible for this translation have been sacked.


Me too! You sure it ain’t that walrus biting your sis?

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I watch the leaderboard. I don’t see anything much different. Pretty much same players there.

Sëe the måjestïc møose… LOL


Yes, the spoofing facebook group has posted a lot to get people to join their alliances.

I’ve seen one person already who went from thread to thread, advertising his alliance.

Four separate threads, the same identical message in each thread. It looked like a cut and paste job.

I’m not going to name names since I don’t find it my place to put individuals out on inflammatory display for the public, but I think Ludia needs to take a simple look at the leaderboard and simply see what alliances have high trophy players that aren’t actually on the leaderboard but have the trophies to have them be there…


the way that these guys accumulate dna is not spoofer like its more bot like… only thing is, i believe you have to crack the api to make this possible…

Are the spoofers that got caught the ones with zero trophies?