Some people have to do the spoofing or they wouldn’t be able to play. Some of the dinosaurs are in difficult areas to get to. Or they cant drive around all day like others can. Now I agree if they are abusing it and ranking themselves way up there or just collecting all coins they can.


If a Dino is unaccessible legally why do you have a right to get it?

The person who drives round all day and legally does well. Everyone does well at somethings and struggles at others. What right do you have to win at the things you struggle at while also being able to win at the things that suit you?


If you look at my account an dinosaurs I’m not a winner. So your saying because I cant afford to drive around all the time because theres a thing called work and kids. That I shouldn’t have the right to play. Like I said I dont agree with spending hours on it or racking up points and dinosaurs but some people cant get to places they have the dinosaurs. For example the nature trail. It’s not accessible. I also don’t have any legendaries. I pay the monthly fee and pay for incubators and yet I still dont have that high of dinosaurs. I’ve been playing for a few months now.


There’s no excuse for spoofing. A lot of people have work and kids and still play this game without spoofing. What gives you the right to have even further extended range then other VIP members? Drone range and battery life is a problem we all deal with. In fact it’s a game mechanic. Your no better then anyone else, and no one else is better than you.


No you don’t have a right to break the terms of service if they don’t suit you.

You can suggest the game balances the player experience in your area.

But you can’t cheat even in a way you attempt to balance out things.


Ok well I’ll stop playing then. People wanna cry more then my 2 year old does.


In my opinion, spoofing is fine on one condition. If you have a disability or are in hospital for a long time you should be legally allowed to spoof.


She needs to give me all my money back like it says. I pay the VIP membership which is a waste cuz it don’t help any.


That’s really the one exception. Life can already be difficult for people with disabilities. But you know it’s the internet, so going by the honor system doesn’t ever really go too well.


I can’t get out and walk the roads. Its dangerous out there. I don’t have my car half the time because my husband takes it to work. I barely get to go anywhere. I have to have someone with me at all times my crazy ex is out of jail and looking for me. So I stay locked in my house unless my husband is off work the one day a week. I get like 2 dinosaurs at my house a day. Most of the time their at the end of the road and I can’t reach them even with the VIP membership.


Then sadly this game probably isn’t for you. Getting out and walking is a core function, and breaking the TOS by spoofing just so you can have the convenience of circumventing those core functions is nothing noble. You aren’t entitled to play a game of any kind, and considering your attitude about 3 posts up I’m not all that sympathetic at this point.

Everyone seems to have an excuse. It’s still cheating. Why announce it? If the location is that bad, Ludia already said they’re willing to work with players to shore up holes and gaps in the map, you only need to contact and work with them. Spoofing is the opposite of that.


I already said I would stop playing so people can stop crying.


No, we don’t need another demonstration of an attitude undeserving of sympathy, but thank you for volunteering it.