Spread of strike events and green stops

I just wanted to mention that overall the updates to the game to make it playable during Covid19 have been amazing. While the increased range and number of strike events have been amazing, I’m finding the distribution of the strike events and green stops has been poor. I have at least 12 stops within my 266m circle but for last week, I’ve only had one green stop for the epics (missed out on so much carbo dna). Additionally, in the past 4 days I’m now missing out on two 12 hour rare and one 24 hour epic strike event as they’ve all been out of range. And yet I have at least 5 of the normal 3 hour strike events at a time. We are under strict lockdown so it isn’t an option to try walk around to get them in range.
Is there any way that Ludia can look at the algorithm for spreading strikes and ensure they are distributed equally?


I agree. I also hate to complain, because the changes have been excellent (much better than those in another popular geolocation game I could name), but strike distribution today especially was rough. I couldn’t reach the stat strike, the blue one, or the epic. I walked out to get the stat strike and the epic, and it’s a good thing I did, as the epic seems to have completely vanished from my map now even though it was supposed to last 12 hours (I didn’t complete it on my second account, and I don’t see it anywhere now).

You mean pokemon Go

I have the same issue and as much as I wanted to go outside and get the strikes I didn’t do so. With talks about death tolls in NY hitting 100-200K in the coming weeks is to scary to take a risk or put family at such. It would be so nice if stops could shift 4-5 times a day and increase chance to pop up inside our now extended range. It would be even nicer if the range could be disabled allowing us to interact with anything and everything in sight. I am not sure if Ludia is making anymore changes but I hope they may do so in light of how serious and dangerous this is getting.

Same issue. Only 1 green drop for now in my range. No point of having 5 copies of a strike tower

I agree. If you complete a tower, it should be replaced by a different one. That way, we could save up space.

I’m bothered by the 10pm (local) towers. I had to walk 4 blocks at almost 11pm and we’re not supposed to go out here and.then its 3 battles meaning I had to stay out. I know.theyre available in the morning but some people cant play in the morning