Spreading out Armor Dinos

I think at this point we’ve all been on pins and needs trying to decide who we will dart this weekend and on top of that we have no clue who will be nerfed/buffed in the next update. My request to Ludia is to embrace the armored dinos and try to split this pack up a little better. Perhaps having a “Ceratops” event where we dont have to choose between the most prevelant epics in the game. My second ask if we’re not going to split this event up is to have it a litle more frequent as these are hard dinos to find in the wild and we need tons of them to make their respective hybrids. Both Sino and Anky have multiple hybrids and all have merit to fuse, so lets get more chances so we can make them and test them out.

p.s. I’m going all Anky this weekend and hopefully making Dioraja!

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I was going that route too, but now there’s rumors of an Allo unique so I’m gonna wait and see

If it was as easy as handing 1 good epic per week on a silver platter, that would hardly be fun. This forces people to make some choices and go hunting to find what they want. 15 attempts over 3 days is pretty reasonable. In the early days of the game when all the event spawns were confined to parks I could understand some complaints, especially from rural players but this is essentially a gift of “epic” proportions.

totally agree that it’s all great and free DNA and a huge opportunity. My point is more towards it is a lot of investment into a certain high level path and it would be great to get a couple extra events because then we could have the chance to test out which path we like better.

For instance I’ve gone all in on Dioraja… I like Rajakylo, so went all in on Dioraja. I also really like Allosino, but can’t waste my darts on both because it will take so much DNA to get to Dioraja. Alternatively I have no idea if I like Utasinoraptor or ankytro, because i’ll never use my anky or sino DNA for them. Would be cool to have the chance to test them out, then decide which branch to take.