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Spreading Positivity

I know the state of the game is an absolute mess right now, but I think this is a thread that needs to be made. So let’s try and spread some positivity!! What are some things you’re genuinely happy about when it comes to JWA? I really love Bendy, a.k.a. Purutaurus. And please don’t post anything sarcastic in this thread. This is an actual attempt to spread positivity and get people to at least try and look on the bright side.


My amazing alliance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I second that for my own. I’ve started to lose a little bit of faith in this game, in retrospect that might be because I’m a F2P player, and a lot of people are saying that JWA is apparently made to be P2W, but my alliance is definitely one of the things keeping me invested.

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Dinos moved out of the park!


Thank you. Positivity is what we need. :slight_smile:

I am really pleased that I don’t need to field hybrids anymore. Now that Arenas and Tournaments are separate, I can go back to fielding just the prehistorical dinosaurs (the reason I came for this game). That really gives me the :+1:

My Alliance is awesome. Always sharing DNA and chatting. Great guys and girls.

The game is just as much fun for me as a casual player as it was at release. :slight_smile:


The graphics and AR which make a competitor’s pokemon look like 70’s cartoon characters in comparison :smile_cat:

I also appreciate my own wonderful alliance, as well as many other friends I have met on this forum, Discord and Metahub.



I’m glad someone’s atleast trying to spread some positivity, lately it’s just been negative this and negative that. :heart:


Oh, and just a side note. Memes are acceptable as long as they’re light-hearted. So stuff like the Nerf Apatosaurus thread, yes I saw @MyFishDrowned, is perfectly fine. :+1::+1::+1:


I absolutely adore how much time and effort was clearly spent on all the creature models. Sure, drunk person may have created majungasuchus, but look at Gorgosuchus, or the detail in Stegoceratops!


I have been playing since launch & I will say this - the game, apart from the known few issues, is much more user friendly since they made strike towers and supply drops accessible from a distance. No more having to be right next to them to reap the rewards - a real time & fuel saver.


As bad as things are, pulling into the driveway, shutting off the engine, and slowly relaxing after getting 30/30 Irritators really took the edge off.
Here’s hoping next weeks event creature are this good.
If they do 30 Bary G2’s they can take all the time in the world to fix things.


In spite of all the problems surrounding them, boosts have allowed me to finally stand a chance at the highest epic strikes, and I appreciate that since it’s really just epic DNA that I need.

My alliance is awesome.

I also love how many supply drops I can reach from home. Handy for those days when I just want to relax at home. Can’t do that with Pogo, and it makes me sad.


Yes I am thankful for boosts as well. My dinos are stronger than ever and I can handle the epic strike towers without having a nervous breakdown every attempt.

The graphics look great and hunting is still enjoyable.


Every thing said below is intended for s and g’s

Dude I’m from a trailer park… So I am literally amused to death that I’m able to feed my Dino’s a little breaking bad and tweak them out…

I’m just waiting for my custom avatar to be allowed…


I’ve already had to “boost” my monomimus toof-less


I was hoping to do this too.

Since the update:
Adopting some cats😸

Finally discovering this (she’s a dancing queen!)

Finally getting these babies to level 20!

And finally creating this!


This game Is absolutely still fun and enjoyable to play! Like people said boosts helps us to beat epic towers so thanks very much


Boosts let me put one of my favorites back on the team, ankylocodon. The best (if not only) counter to spinotasuchus, utarinex, and diloraoch - gives erlidom a headache and even kicks stegods butt.


This place is a hoot :rofl:


I saw that thread. lol

How have you boosted it?

Is it really THAT good…?