Spring ‘20 Game suggestions

Daily epics should be more available on their days
Multi match battles against same opponent
Remove multi fusion
Make daily rewards harder to get

Daily epics got dropped in 1.12

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In a time like this, why are you trying to make the game harder? And daily epics already no longer exist, they’ve been made global.


What’s wrong with multi-fusion?


Too late.
Whats the benefit?
Hard no.
Harder no.

Honestly, they should just concentrate on sorting out the existing bugs. One update on pure bug fixes and I reckon a lot of people would be happy.

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Either this is sarcasm or this person genuinely doesn’t know what they’re talking about. I hope it’s the former

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Too complex rather it be basic fusions

How is it complex? And you aren’t forced to use it.

Triceratops unique
Somewhere on the game that shows the weekly showcase and a forum link

I assume you like watching ohhhhhhhh… it’s an April Fools joke! Hahaha.

I agree, right now when I tap a creature it zooms back out

Ah yes @colyev the best whoosher in all of the forums

  • Change incubator animation

  • Still can’t add people I see in sanctuaries, local players

Make parks have more creatures, common, rare and epic.