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Spring collection

Each time I collect a flower, it takes more than a day before I can collect the next one. This means I almost certainly won’t get the Spring collection dragon. Normally it is 24 hours. Can you please fix this bug? Thanks!

Interesting… for me it seems to be 17 hours, which is annoying because it’s too long to practically ever collect more than one per day. Previously, the “norm” seems to have been 22 hours, which I like because it’s “once a day” without feeling like you’re shafting yourself if you let it slide to 25 hours, but also doesn’t cause when you can collect it to “drift forward” if you aren’t collecting it at the exact same instant every day.

Yes. In the past it seems to be once a day, and there were alwats more than enough days to collect. But this one seems to have a bug for me because it gets longef every day. It seems like, if I’m late, it adds on all tge hours for which I was late from thd previous day so I dad 1 day and 6 hours before I could collect again, which us ridiculous! It also makes it hard to know exactly when I can collect a flower. I hope they fix it. Obviously not everyone is having the same problem so that’s good.

For me it’s 1d6h. 8hs more than usual and it’s impossible to get the dragon if the bug isn’t fixed.

I tried to switch to another time zone and I lost my progress of the event but the cooldown time alse changed. If I stick to another time zone I can get it but it would cause a lot of inconvenience in my life so I would rather give up the dragon.

Ahh, mine is 1d 7hrs but now I have extra days.
Be careful changing timezones. I switched with my SIM card coming from Europe to Australia on holidays. It causdd a LOT of problems with thd Gobber’s duties packs. Good luck with it!