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Spring Week! (Again?)

When the title says again, last week it was:

then the title changed to “Spring Week.” But now the week is also Spring Week:

I’m going for Raptor, Keleken, Troodon and all on Pyrriator.
Yay Tsintosaurus is the epic strike on Friday! :heart_eyes:


is next week’s spring week based on creatures we voted for? I thought there was or would have been diplodocus but I may be wrong…
anywho, commons i don’t know, rares ovi and maybe keleneken, epics ovi and troodon(troodons bound to get a hybrid and ovilopho too, and I plan to max her so I’ll take the dna), and legendaries… pyrritator I guess for all 3 to start working on its unique

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ornithomimus,am i the only one who can’t find him anywhere?

she’s not a wild spawn anymore I think

That’s bc Ornitho doesn’t spawn in the wild currently. It is a PvP reward only for now

Weirdly enough,it spawned around me in january 15-17th(I can’t remember the exact date.)

Nope. Ornitho has been a PvP exclusive for quite a while. So unless you had a scent you used (can’t remember the name of the scent that spawns it, but there is one), it wouldn’t have been a wild spawn

yes, only scent I could find her in is the swift theropod scent

last week was easter and april fool’s week. This week is spring week its different from the voting poll. The voting poll is for blossom event.

Yes, Troodon can help with 8 direct hits!

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Ludia posted the previous week originally as Easter week, then re-published the schedule as Spring Week. Now we have another Spring Week. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Easter is Easter, spring is spring. Two things to celebrate, both in real life and JWA. I don’t complain :laughing:

Not sure if it’s supposed to follow the Cherry Blossom Festival, which I think it late April, it’s a shot in the dark, but unless Canada has a separate holiday…

I think it should be only herbivores. (Lol cuz it’s spring)

Ludia, can you update your events?