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Sprite name whatnow?

I keep seeing matches using the phrase ‘sprite name (followed by random symbols)’.

Can someone please enlighten me to what that means? Is it just a piece of unformatted coding or some kind of internet jiggery pokery that I’m not privy to?

I know I was probably born in the wrong decade but seriously, I have literally never seen that written anywhere but Lovelink.

Hey there, Karina_D. Thanks for reporting this to us. Could I ask you to email a screenshot of the conversation to our team at If you could also include any other chats you’ve seen this happen in as well, it’d really help our team out.

Oh, so it’s not some weird techno geek slang then?

I saw it today in a push notification and in the past in several story interactions but can’t remember which ones. But I have seen it enough to just assume it was some kind of in-joke I wasn’t in on.

I’ve seen that as well. Recently with Skylar it was ‘sprite cheers’ with symbols and when I go into the chat, its the champagne glasses. It may have been once or twice in past chats where the coding didn’t take and the emoji didn’t show in the chat itself, but honestly can’t remember.

But agreed, only ever seen it with Lovelink, haha


I’ve seen them as well under notifications but when I open the app, they read normal. It’s coding for the emojis I believe.

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The “sprites” are the emojis and that string you’re seeing is code so that a particular emoji will appear in the chat. I think when we see that string instead of the actual emoji it means that the code is a bit wrong, maybe a quotation mark is missing or something else just went wrong with it so the code didn’t pull in the correct emoji.

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Well thanks for clearing that up everyone. I feel slightly better about myself now that I know it’s not some new youth geekslang that I didn’t get a memo about.

But also somewhat cognisant of the fact that I thought it was some kind of youth geekslang, which demonstrates how out of touch I am. I really need to get out of my flat more. Roll on April!