Spy Games?

I’m curious about something. A couple weeks ago, I had a high level player from a fairly well known alliance approach a member of my group as well as me wondering if there could be a space made in my alliance. Said he wanted a change, that he’d been with that group since the start, and assured me of his loyalty. The timing worked out that we were able to bring him aboard, and he fit in perfectly for barely a few days. Then one day, prior to the week even ending, he up and left everything without a word or trace. I attempted to message him to ask what happened and was able to track him back to his former alliance. I asked for feedback because I try to be a good leader and always accept opportunity to be better. However, I’d been ghosted. Someone in my group joked that maybe he was spying. But that got me to thinking, maybe he was? Is that even a thing? I don’t know what “secrets” alliances carry that others would want to infiltrate for information. Maybe trying to get information on a particular member? What do you think? Secret spy or complete coward? In either way, certainly used, and that’s an icky feeling

It’s prolly just circumstances that you were unaware of. Like you said, it’s kinda pointless to “spy”.

Perhaps he wanted to get away from something or someone and fate took that problem away after a few days, or differences were settled, and he wanted to go back again. Could be a number of scenarios really.

For him to ghost you like that tho, thats just rudeness on his part, imo.


Yeah, it’s so weird. We’re nice and understanding people. I don’t know why he couldn’t just say whatever happened. Nobody would be mad about his adult decision. He seemed a good dude, but I guess the internet works in all the ways. Good people act bad and bad people act good and everything in between!

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This. The rest of it too. Well said.

Also, they may just strongly dislike any form of “confrontation” and don’t know how to respond to your messages for feedback. In any event, sorry to hear it left you feeling used, that sucks.

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