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Spyx - tyrant tier: why?

I’ve been hard at work on this dino recently because I love speedy dinos (and I want a dilo replacement).

Quetz seems like no brainer to me (another dino I’ve been working on.) As well as Gemini and dentist. Not to mention oldies but goodies magna, tryko and erl.

But I cant figure spyx out. Why is it considered tryant? In this immune meta, and with its low health I can’t seem to find its value. I can’t even find it much in the top 50 teams.

What am I missing here?

I’d like to know this too. I imagine the low health leads to it getting ratted often. My team has no trouble taking it down no matter who gets selected.

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Actually it’s a good counter to Thor, indo, stego, mono, tryko, tenato, renex, Eddie, dsugina, miragina, all it needs is wither more attack or health to kill erlidom in one hit again

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currently since it’s health is low, it’s constant Rat bait. However, It works amazing against Thor, tryko, and dio. she’s ok at taking out smilonemys. As for erlidom it’s a toss up. That will usually come down to how each is played with erldiom winning the majority of the time.
I do not know how well she fares against magna and orion yet. I have yet to get to use her against either.

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I mean it can go for lethal and wound it if it goes for long invincibility and or if it goes for say side step you can go for lethal or precise to injure it heavily. And if it goes side step again bam it’s dead with bleed or rampage

Mostly it depends on if it use long invincibility ; also can some explain why a tany hybrid has an invincibility move

Basically. Spyx is tyrant due to its really good versatility.

It’s got a great attack and speed, and it’s immune to being slowed, aswell that it has Speedup to outspend some speedy dinos. Dealing with tanks? Erlikospyx can use lethal wound to take it down. Dealing with dodgers? Use percise rampage! Dealing with chompers? Use debilitating distraction! It has a fix to a lot of things, it’s really versatile and 100% deserves tyrant.


Basically this, it has an answer to anything, be it tanks, chompers or speedsters. I would say its “only” weakness was being prime rat bait, but now with the rework, its low hp will work to its advantage and will result being even stronger.