Spyx vs Indoraptor G2

Anyone else notice Spyx is not registering his full 2X attack with precise rampage on the indoraptor G2?

I had back to back PvP battles where I led with Spyx and the opponent led with indoraptor G2.

Indo G2 isn’t armored around all. First match the guy instant cloaked. Match 2 the guy didn’t instant cloak.

My Spyx was faster in both matches. My first move in both matches was Precise Rampage because I wanted to lead with 2X attack that the indo G2 couldn’t stop.

In my particular case, my base attack is 1632 so I should’ve hit for 3264… both matches i only hit for 1632!

Anyone else seeing this?


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If they used Cautious Strike before your Rampage, you were distracted.

Like what Ardens said, if the indo used Cautious Strike before you Rampaged, the Distract applies, and Spyx isn’t immune.

Alternatively, if it went last on the turn prior and used CS, the distract carries to the next turn.

If his (faster) Spyx’s first move was a Precise Rampage, how could he have possibly been distracted?

(I’m also guessing by Cloak, OP means the Indo2 went ES)

In both matches, my Spyx was the faster dino so the Indo G2 could not have gotten Cautious Strike off before my Precise Rampage.

Also, just so everyone is aware… I reported this bug through the Help/Support link within the game. They did confirm what I reported is an issue and they are looking into it further.

So to recap… Spyx’s Precise Rampage move is NOT hitting for the 2X damage at the moment vs Indoraptor G2… only hitting for the base 1x damage.

Interesting… Report this as a bug

You see this kids? This is when the game hates you itself.