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SS 33% or 50%

I’m sure somebody has spotted this already and maybe I missed some news clarifying this but I noticed Superiority strike still says 33% speed decrease when I thought this update was making it 50% decrease?

Looks like Ludia didn’t change any of the texts. If you look at the Distracting Rampage, there is no delay in the desc. But when you play, you would see there is a 1-delay for that. So I am assuming, SS is -50% now.


It is 50%. I kept having the speed advantage with Tenontorex over Stegodeus when going Superiority strike into Thagomiser.

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Dracorex gen 2 still says a 1 round pin in the arena but it was changed to 2. They also failed to mention that in the patch notes just a soft damage reduction was all that was mentioned.