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Ss and thago


Hey, something weird happened in the strike tower today. I use dilocha against stego. I go with ss and the AI goes with thago.
Then I go first again and use ss again. The AI uses ss.
Then stego is faster than me and uses ss.
How is that possible? I’ve been slowing him down the same amount he was slowing me down, so the slows should cancel each other.


thago lasts for 3 rounds (and I don’t know but maybe the slow on slow does double the effect => thago + ss = double the slow)

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Exactly. The slowing effect of thagomizer lasts for 3 turns. When the AI hit you with superiority strike, you were already slowed 50% by thagomizer, and then slowed another 50% by superiority strike (the effects stack). Meanwhile, the AI was only slowed by 50% by your superiority strike.




Thank you @RoadToHell0 and @Brownie

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the thing is that according to this the AI is smart :thinking: and is learning :scream: