Ss shouldnt cleanse

…slowing effects (thought i was gonna say bleeds huh?)

Im so sad that my 24 dilo loses hard to 23 dilos. 24 dilo was not easy to make, it shouldn’t lose to 21, 22, 23 dilo.

Please take this into consideration if you are actually revieiwng ss.


i’ve thought this since the stegodeus update.
i feel you shouldn’t be able to SS a higher level dino that is the same as yours. or something. you’re basically at an advantage being lower level.


Level doesn’t and shouldn’t matter on something like that. If you have a means of cleansing yourself then it works. Otherwise it is just screwing lower players over.

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Level does matter. Level shouldnt matter.

You are contradicting yourself :thinking: Right now you are being punished for having the higher level.

An interesting idea i just thought. What if cleanse skills cleanse for the entire round. This would prevent someone from getting slowed just because they were faster. A preemptive way to neutralize threats. Not sure how it would affect gameplay, but SS would need to be nerfed before this change would be made, otherwise they can just SS every turn without a care.

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the main problem is that it’s a basic attack. and you can do it every turn.
if they would just update the game to where it only cleansed distracting, this wouldn’t be an issue anymore.


I’m not contradicting myself although I see how you may think so. What I am meaning is that the level of the dinosaurs involved should have no baring on whether an ability works or not. Higher level dinosaurs already benefit from higher stats (mostly). If you start letting higher level dinosaur abilities become dominant you are basically giving P2P players everything and telling everyone else not to bother.

it’s actually telling people, “don’t spend that 250,000 coins to make your stegodeus level 30, keep it at 29 because it’s better”. not really the best business strategy either.


Not every dinosaur you face in the Arena is going to have a means to cleanse themselves so it is still worth leveling.

Those dinos (that cant cleanse) arent hurt any more or less by the extra level usually. So i agree with @CleverBoy, this discourages levelling.

And regarding your hyperbolic statement about it giving p2w everything…I dont know where to start.

  • I get a lot more out of hunting than spending. That should be rewarded.

  • If i outspend you, I should be rewarded.

  • Even if i do A and B, i can still be counter played…

But you see what I’m saying that giving higher level dinosaurs the edge in something like this would be detrimental?

Sorta. Heres the problem, broken down to if, then else -

Right now its binary. Lower level always wins.

If its going to stay binary then it should be in favor of the higher level.

Else get rid of the binary system.

Having a system in place that rewards less effort/time/money is more detrimental.

I understand that but I come back to saying that if higher level dinosaurs win in such situations then it remains unfair to players with lower level dinosaurs. Look how badly the match up system is in the Arena and the tournaments right now. It would severely hurt lower level players and would hurt the game majorly.

It is a tough and interesting predicament. My guess would be though, that Ludia would leave everything in place as it is unless a very good remedy could be found.

I agree with you there - need a very good remedy.

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I beat a level 27 stegodeus with my level 20 utahsino… was actually kind of surprised because if played right his stego would have eaten my Utah alive… but he/she didnt and I took full advantage of that… I dont have the dino in question so I dont know why a lvl 24 wouldn’t beat a 23 or lower


Here is the moveset:

T1, higher level hits whatever he wants- he doesnt kill the lower level. Lower level uses ss. Higher level is slowed.

T2, lower level goes first. Uses rampage. Kills higher level.

Thats the issue.

so if you both start green chicken and your’s is higher do you just swap out or let it die? :thinking:

and this had to have been an issue with diloranosaurus too. interesting that they did nothing about it AND made a unique hybrid for it :joy:

I think it’d be fine if it got split into two separate basic strikes.
Cleansing Strike that cleanses
Superiority Strike that slows for -33%
It’s so good because it’s two moves worth of abilities in one. Split it up and it gives more options and takes away the OPness of some creatures. I do get why they did it though to destroy the horrible raptor meta, and rightfully so.

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:joy: true! Im still learning what to do.

But for now what I usually do, after sighing and shaking my head, is look at my lineup. I end up in one of the following scenarios:

I have my mono. Ill try swapping into it and using the chance dance (if 23) or impact it (if 22 or lower), hoping i can get enough dmg to send it running. Goal is to get it to within 1800 health so my dilo can 1 shot it later.

I have another almost dead dino. Ill take hit 1 on my chicken, swap to the almost dead dino to take hit 2 and die, finish off their chicken with impact.

I have something beefy enough left to take the rampage and live. I take hit 1 on green chicken, i swap to something like indom or tryo for the impact, and i swap the chicken back in. Usually they don’t ss turn 3, and i can kill them t4 with impact.

I close the app and rant about it on the forums. :slight_smile:

Im open to suggestions though!

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I like this idea!