Ss shouldnt cleanse


So people complain about dinosaurs being overleveled, but if a lower level Stegadeus (or whatever dinosaur people are complaining about now) trumps higher level, then doesn’t that fix the problem? :roll_eyes:

Edit: Im going to make a concerted effort to get baited less.

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should just get rid of the 33% speed nerf. allow ss to cleanse and deal damage. thats it.


That’s exactly what I think it should be

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So what I’m getting out of this is ignore everything @Colin_Goodman has said since he’s in the “reward the less effort shouldn’t verdict the more effort” socialist mentality and that SS does need a rework so as not have a Dino 2+ levels lower than its mirror counter clobber the higher level one. Agreed. Superiority Strike deserves some tweaking, perhaps not being able to remove slows would be best.


is slowing really considered or fall under distraction? if not which i think not, then the verbage would lead me to believe that it will not cleanse slowing in the future

I dont think so… distractions say distracted when your under the affect where as a slow says slowed

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SS definitely needs some tweaking. A dino should never trump its higher leveled counter part.

Anyone supporting SS in it’s current state is pretty much saying, “I did less work, but somehow deserve a guaranteed win”.

this happened to diloranosaurus before…

either nerf its damage or increase its HP

Another one … Sigh… :pensive:

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Then why bothered with battle? All u need is to come up with a higher level Dino and u win. Actually saved all of us a lot of time .

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Oh man I thought I was the only one who couldn’t figure out how to defeat a lower level Stegodeus mirror. So annoying

@Marktheshark I didn’t say anything like “reward less effort”. Please don’t read your own words into what I posted. Read what I posted.

What I am saying is that to allow higher level dinosaurs to trump lower level ones would hurt the game. Players are complaining about being stomped by players who shouldnt be in lower Arenas anyway and this suggestion (while worth discussing) would just make things worse.

Lower stegodeus won’t win, but other dinosaurs, yes

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…I never said the higher level dinos should have a guaranteed win, but they should at least have the advantage. That’s why RNG elements are thrown into the mix to even things out slightly. Why is this hard to grasp? In the game’s current state, in a 1v1 face off with level a 21 and 23 diloracheirus, the level 21 wins EVERYTIME. That’s the definition of broken.

But that’s the general point of the game. Go out, grind harder, and get better dinos to win in the arena.

Agree with you. SS is too OP for a basic move. Just change SS to Cleansing Strike and all should be fine.


Leave Ss alone just make it have a cool down period

But then it couldn’t be a basic attack. You’d need it to be replaced with something without a cooldown, otherwise you could get stuck without an action to select.

As long as all cool downs are less than 4 there will always be an option available to use