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St. Paddy's Toothless, Mother's Day Cloudjumper, Magnanimous Martyrium, and Sinetails

I’ve noticed that you’re doing more 5* dragons with abilities for 3 turns. It’s OK, if dragon has fast spirit speed like Martyrium, but you’re adding dragons with slow spirit speed and abilities for 3 turns, and dragons with this combination are very useless. Yeah, I’m about St. Paddy’s Toothless and Mother’s Day Cloudjumper. Their abilities should be at least for 4 turns

Other issue with MDC is its 3rd ability

What is it? +20% spirit generation for 3 turns??? Are you serious? How can it help?

4* Singetail, Deathlout, has the same issue

Singetails seem to be the worst species in game, but Deathlout is the worst dragon in the game at all. +15% spirit generation for 3 turns?.. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

I still think that you need to do selfdamage for Singetails less than 100% even if Flamelout’s very fast spirit speed becomes fast and other % are lower after it.

It’s not big issue with Martyrium, but it would be nicer if he has abilities over 4 turns

I would rather see a new dragon with self damage rather than slow down flamelout and decrease the self damage.

what use is a dragon that damages itself?

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Can you already stop RUINING DRAGONS???

Old thread revived (necro-posting).