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St. Patrick Event Calender


Finally they added attempts and trials

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@Ned seems like theres an issue.
tupandactylus and sinoceratops are not on the graphic


finally figured out how to accurately convey the info on the chart now.
Easy to understand. and it’s nice to see the trials on the schedule as well as attempts per rarity.


After dozens of demands they have finally added trials. Bravo! Was a century…

wait why no sinoceratops

Too bad 90% of those strike towers will be out of my range because strike tower distribution is bugged after the update

Ludia please i want you to fix this bug where strike towers aren’t distributed equally in all areas 1 area is completely devod of 1 type of strike tower and the other area is full of the same strike rower of the same type

Please pass this to the team


This wasn’t official, at least I didn’t think and were subject to changes. I assume they made those changes.

I love that they added attempts back! :slight_smile:

They missed adding Troodon. But good week anyways.

It was official, it was posted right here less than 48 hours before they posted it on Twitter.

Considering Ludia don’t work weekends it is unlikely they changed their minds. It is more likely they screwed up again by including them when they weren’t meant to be, or vice versa.

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I would of taken troodon over any of those epics but at least i got dioraja.

Then they probably changed it last minute like how they did tenonto a couple years ago midweek.

Let me ask our team! :mag:

the strike tower rewards also weren’t updated.

edit. that was fast its fixed never mind.

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Hey DPG members, it looks like Tupandactylus and Sinoceratops are part of the obtainable DNA from Incubators but they won’t make an appearance under the Event Supply Drops.


first st patricks day chest i tried to open said 25,000/25,000 max coins collected

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Thanks @Ned

More communication learning points for Ludia.

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With the strike distribution issues, this week is going to be terrible. I can see 70 drops from home, so I should be able to at least see one of each strike tower type so I know in which direction to walk. But nope, can’t even see today’s trial anywhere. This is just a continuation of the horrible distribution that has persisted for several weeks now.

Ludia keeps saying they’re forwarding our feedback to the team, or looking into it, but nothing’s changed. I suspect they think we’re exaggerating. Look, Ludia, I don’t mind taking a walk. But when I have to walk 45 minutes to even see one epic strike, that’s a problem.

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