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St Patrick’s 2021

Hey Ludia would be extremely nice to have a st Patrick’s event with 5 attempts again,they don’t need to be the best dinos in the game just some uniques to dart and maybe unlock one with the attempts.


that is a reason ludia should not have enough attempts on uniques to where you unlock them as it would cause even more chaos and destruction in the already broken arena


3 attempt would be nice

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yes it would, I’d certainly be content with it, just not enough that you can unlock without fusing


As long as we have a least a erlidominus attempt I’ll be happy, I feel like they should vary attempts on level like 2 attempts 10 and below,3 attempts 11-15 and 4 attempts 16-20

I agree now that I think abt it arena is pretty broken Im at 4000 cups and go sometimes against level 24 and up while my highest is a 22.

I don’t think there will be an erlidom attempt on St Patty’s week, the week we get all green creatures. And idk how the arena works under aviary, but I have been facing lvl 25-30 creatures with my weak team that only has 2 lvl 24’s

Oh no green creatures… please tell me it’s not thor again… although most of my opponent wont really care because their thors have surely been maxed out already they might want something else too

Honestly I think I would like erliko on St Patty if erlidom is not there. Cuz im working on the hybrid

I mean its what they did last year, so I am sure there will be thor again

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but since they are not exactly green I don’t think there will be erliko or erlidom, but maybe soon after st patty’s week

Well I mean there going to have to put in a epic we can dart so I was saying i hope its erliko as the epic we can dart

I hope Spinoconstrictor will be in the St. Patrick’s day event, it’s pretty Green-ish.
(And I am 50 away from unlocking it!)

actually I’ll just paint my spine fin whatever you call it green and sneak my way into the event, that should work right? lol

maybe :no_mouth:

Maxima please

Honestly who knows what they put

I hope its not the unique bird

its green tho… oh no, they jut might

O god no :fearful: