St. Patrick's Day Boa?

Seeing as how the myth is that St. Patrick rid Ireland of snakes, it would be fitting to have an Epic Boa event for St. Patrick’s Day. Any thoughts?


Boa was already in wild and in tournament on Valentines, so I don’t think so

I already posted this topic… Then it devolved into a topic about Uniques. Then it devolved into a debate about what broke the arena more St. Patrick’s Day 2019, or Boosts.
I just want snake, so yes.


After the controversy of last year, while I don’t expect them to ignore St. Patty’s, I feel it will be one of the more underwhelming events from now on. That said, I would certainly like the appropriately-themed snakes (plural, Ludia, this means the EPIC ONES TOO!).

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It looks like its gonna be like this event. 1 day to find SpinoCon and Dilophoboa while being harassed by fields of Titanoboa G2.