St. Patty's 2020

So, next week is already the best date in JWA… Saint Patrick’s Day.
Weird to not see any hype or the fact the we didn’t have our Carnival Week yet…

What do you think, fellas?





I think the complaining last time ruined it for this year


Oh dang your right sorry I forgot you know with the arena being broken who has time to speculate

as long as indoraptor is in I’ll be happy


I would rather they say nothing and then be suprised if we get anything… considering the Valentine’s Day event and the Leap year event I got little to nothing for the Dino’s I wanted so I’m actually glad for the silence. If they don’t give anything then I’m not disappointed


I think Leap Year Day changed events forever in the JWA world, I think now it won’t be St Patricks week, but only St Patricks day… I’m guessing the creatures offered on that day will be:
Titanoboa Gen 2
Titanoboa Gen 1
That’s how I think the day will play out, maybe I am wrong and it will be a week, but I’m guessing it will probably only be 1 day from now on.


as far as I remember, St. Patrick’s day only showcases unique hybrids

At Patrick’s week showcased common, rare, epic and unique

yeah, but I was specifying about the hybrids

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No way are they doing 5 unique attempts. I think they’ll do what they did with leap year, if anything.

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I know for a fact that if there’s hybids their components will be showcased too

Dilophoboa goes into spinoconstrictor

yeah, but dilophoboa won’t be showcased since its a legendary, not a unique

The St. Patrick and Valentine events are similar, so I think they will have 3 attempts out of 5 uniques while also showcasing their components. As for carnival week, that spot was taken by the Leap Day event most likely as to not give out too many legendaries

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Yeah, but isn’t At Patrick’s day about snakes? So Ludia might change it from unique to just snakes

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yeah, but the least would be dilo G2 and titanoboa
ludia does a pattern where valentine’s is legendaries and St. pat is uniques
and remember: Ludia is canadian not irish

Yeh ok, but It Patrick’s week has only happened once, and events can change in this game

well yeah, but I doubt dilophoboa will be in the week

Didn’t u hear Wat I said tho? I said I’m guessing events like Christmas, Easter, St Patty’s, etc will become like Leap years, where the event will only last a day