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Stabilize GPS?!

I’m afraid to use scents. I am sitting in my office, not moving around and my location keeps changing. I see a dinosaur appear in my circle (a rare one!) and then my location shifts suddenly away before I can launch the drone. It is incredibly frustrating. I’m afraid to use scents. How can I keep still?!

Edit: Sorry I should have mentioned I’m on iOS

Connect to WiFi? I’ve noticed large metal structures will move the gps around, if you can avoid that at all. Just sticking my phone under a microwave that sits on a metal table is enough to move my gps a few blocks sometimes, if it’s not on WiFi.


I’m on my local WiFi currently. But that is a good idea. I wonder why it still thinks I’m moving.

That sounds like it is your building at work interfering with the GPS.

There is a local restaurant where we could get several km in PoGo just sitting during dinner. The character would run a few blocks occasionally in every direction. We could spin a lot of stops and even battle if they stopped by a gym. We could not control where they went, but wander they did.

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