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Stacked DBI not counting towards alliance missions

Normally, if the newly gained Dbi’s on Sunday don’t make a difference towards the running missions, we defeat the 10 creatures but don’t collect the DBI so it can be collected after mission reset giving it a jump start. Today after reset 2 stacked Dbi’s were collected but didn’t count towards the missions. Why has this been changed?

Hey Poezzzie, could you email our support team here at with your support key and the date and time of when you collected the Incubator so our team can take a look?

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I will @Ned

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Ours counted. Were on rank 3 exploration and 4 defence. Darts is messed up in rank 3 exploration. We have more direct hits then darts fired.

I had 32 incs and dailys saved on 4 accounts. They have all counted.

You need so few DBIs for the early ranks now is it possible the timing was just out between the collection and them registering?

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As incubators or as DBI? I mean the daily defence not the incubator mission.

it was easy to see they didn’t count as we only needed two to rank up the first time. They only counted if they were done today… meaning we hit the mission after two Dbi’s were done and collected today.

Nope there was more than an hour between the two as I first held off collecting the second waiting for the first to appear

We have always saved both and no problem with them counting.

Watching on 1 account and opening on 3 others.

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Happy for you wish I could say the same