Staff is grouping and looking at request for social


I just saw someone post a question about battling friends and tribes, and Ludia staff moved it into a group, which prettt much means they are reading it and maybe focusing on it. Very exciting and I hope they do follow through


It would be great if we were able to make teams with our friends. Not just as somekind of nametag, but with special benefits.
Small teams with people who have to ne near you to join. And to a maximum of 4 (or 6?) members.

Somekind of trainingpit-arena were you could test your setup with friends. (No coins rewarded after win though)
The ability to share knowledge of dinosaurs. So that when you or a teammate sees a new dinosaur, every teammember sees the name and picture on that card.
Mayby special team events to catch dna for the whole team. The team then has to get a specific amount of dna in 3 or so tries.


Please copy the Lure item from PoGo. Social spending is big.