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I mentioned this in another thread, but figured I’d make a new topic…

Wouldn’t it be cool if, for friendly battles, you could select a different arena as the backdrop?

I battle in the aviary every day, and sometimes after a bad run and I get knocked back to Lockwood I welcome the change of scenery. Why not let your players enjoy those breathtaking environments? You’ve done a good job on them, Ludia. Show them off a bit.

I remember when I got out of the marshes and was so happy to be in Jurassic Ruins. Not only because I was progressing, but because it was just so gorgeous. It was like finally making it out of the Fire Swamp alive.

I know there were other cool looking locales early on that I can barely even remember…

In conclusion… these arenas are beautiful, so why not let us actually see them? Either give us the option to select, or even just give us one at random (that we have already unlocked).

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This is a fantastic idea… we spends so little time in the arenas up until badlands… then your progress slows down and you spend a significant amount of time in them.