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Stakeholders Visit

Did anyone else get an extra spin at the end of the Stakeholders Visit today? It was a nice bonus!

If you want to spend the Dinobucks. I passed


I hit the button so fast, I guess I didn’t realize it cost bucks! Doh! Force of habit from doing battles I thought it was free!

Stakeholders Visit is totally out of whack, unless you’ve like 12-15 creatures on top with an even ferocity, this event isn’t worth spending any DB’s on.

Beasts of the Biodome feels like a waste of time. Why even bother with those crappy rewards, it’s not even a guranteed pack.


Oh now I get it, that extra spin costs 1.1k Dino Bucks just saw it on FB! hahaha

I feel like a dumdum now… lol, here I thought Ludia was throwing us a bone… I was trying to give them props given all the negative feedback they’ve been getting in the forum lately… This is just another negative…

It looks very intentional, I’m not playing most of the PvE’s in the moment, but could’ve happened to me so don’t feel too bad. I’m also used to push the green spin button with the video’s in the PvP’s and it looks very similar.


I didn’t see it this morning but I almost fell out of my chair when I landed on this for the reward:


I wonder if the Biodome Pack could come close to justify the 1.1k?

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i just skipped eveything today… didnt even bother looking at them when i saw how many battles i would have to do. this increase in grind and difficulty with really mediocre rewards is killing this game for me, im seriously thinking about just deleting my game at this point, ive already gotten rid of my VIP status.


Wow! Thanks for sharing and showing that it is possible to land on 1500! Lol

The privileged 1%. :neutral_face: