When you can predict your opponents creatures before they show up with a roughly >70% accuracy, you know a game has gone stale…

Bring on 3.0. We need a major shake up.


I either want Group Team vs Team or Single Team vs Team where either of these are made up of 3 teams of 8, one of fierce, one of cunning and one of resilient creatures each with an allowed 2 wildcard creatures.

I want alliance trophy scores and alliance teams fighting alliance teams. We can have new backgrounds for alliance arenas.


It’s amazing how many times I’ve done the same thing. Or, based on how my opponents react to my creatures, manage to work out exactly who/what they have.

I miss the days when there was a variety of creatures available at all but the very top arena. Now it seems like there’s no variety in any of them - just changes based on where you are (my friend sees only Rexy, Megalotops, Argenteryx, Thor, Indom and Compy in one of the lower arenas).

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I’m just ready for the lag to quit. I couldn’t even play when I went out today riding. I turned my phone off and back on. I just deleted the app to download again. It’s ridiculous. I don’t care what awesome stuff they add. They can smash the brakes on all that junk and just fix the game first.


One can only hope……

I still think 10 or 12 creature teams with cool downs. A creature was selected for a battle and survives it? One battle cool down. A creature gets selected for and defeated in a battle? 2 battle cool down.

It can start in “Leagues” with the library. By the time anyone gets there they should have enough viable creatures - if they’ve played a balanced game up to that point.

I think that would just be annoying to constantly have to change your team honestly