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Stalled at level 51 in Rise of Berk

All of a sudden when I do Valka training my dragons won’t advance to level 52. Thoughts? How can I fix this?

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Can you be more specific? What does it say when you try to train them?

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It t trains and when I spin the wheel it gives me my fish but does not level up. My dragons stay at level 51. I can do it again and again but will not level up.

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I think you misunderstand how Valka training works. Unlike regular training, Valka training is not a sure thing; rather, you have a chance (usually a very poor one, and one which is lower than the wheel or text would lead you to believe) to succeed at training.

Upon completion of the attempt, you will be presented a wheel intended to represent the chance of success. Note that spinning the wheel has no effect on whether you succeed or fail (which is predetermined¹). Usually, especially the first time, you will fail. When you fail, you will get fish. If you get fish, the attempt failed and your dragon does not level up; you have to try again. What you are seeing is the expected behavior. (Allegedly, your chances of success increase with each failure, although actual experience does not provide evidence of this. Note also that what looks like a 50% chance and is described by the game as an “excellent” chance… isn’t. Expect as many as ten failures even when the odds are presented as 50% or more and “excellent”. That said, the odds for 51→52 are better than the odds for 90→91, or 134→135.)

When you (eventually) succeed — again, expect this to take about five tries on average at the 51→52 tier — you will not get fish. Instead, you’ll get an animation of your dragon leveling up labeled “<species> Titan”. Depending on the dragon, it may also change color (i.e. get a different skin). I believe common, uncommon and rare dragons will change, while all others do not, but I could be wrong about exactly which will and which won’t.

(¹ It is possible to quit and restart the game after spinning but before accepting the result in order to spin over and over. The wheel will land in a different position each time, but always with the same success/failure result. Try not to get too worked up that you will sometimes get a failure that looks like a success, because, again, the wheel is purely cosmetic and has nothing to do with actual success/failure.)


Thank you so much. I had no idea!!! Have a great day!

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Something to note for later in the game, you can use Valka training as an extra source of fish, in particular the second and third time produce quite a bit.
It can make leveling high tier dragons easier as those eat literally billions of fish for a single level up.

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