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Stamp Card concept

So idk if someone thought of this already but, What if in the daily mission area, a randomly generated set of dino dna (2-5 options, rarity randomized) depending on lvl, and you choose what dino dna you want and once you finish filling out the card by completing and collecting the dna, you could either A. Add a specific dino to ur next card B. Choose any dino dna you want ex.(common-250-500, rare 150-250, epic 100-200, legendary 50-75, unique10-40) or C. Remove a dino from ur next stamp card, or automatically complete it to save time! The time will take a week but maybe adding challenging missions in order to make it fair so the system wont be abused :slight_smile: if you feel like im missing or want to add something go right ahead​:wink:

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