Stampede Battle Event

I don’t know if anyone remembers, but there was one cool event in Jurassic World the Game called the Dino stampede.

It was straight forward, and relatively simple, and it would be a good addition to Jw alive.

How it would work:

Looks like a normal strike event, but is very different on the inside

Optional for putting in game = (You choose your difficulty level at the start, velociraptor (easy), creature lvls 1 - 10, T. Rex (medium) creature lvls 11 - 15, or Indominus (Hard) creature levels 16 - 30)

The round starts out easy, with a lvl 1 common.

Then it increases the levels until it reaches a lvl 20 creature as the final boss.

Just an idea that I think would be a great addition in the game.