“Stampede!” - Event Idea


Idea for a special event:

Rather than a bunch of attempts at one or two dinos, why not one or two attempts at a bunch of dinos?

Imagine a herd of dinosaurs that gets spooked and sent on a stampede. You launch your drone to chase them down, firing shots into the crowd. Each dino can only be hit once, and there is great mix of species and rarities (mainly common, a few rare, and maybe one or two epic).

You’re using the same drone battery so the time limit is the same as a regular drone launch. You can either take your time combing for specific DNA to collect, or you can “spray and pray” and see what you get.

Just a fun idea to change up the events, so it’s not just “same sh—, different dino.”


I like that idea! They could do it like, maybe biweekly or something, or even monthly (but the day would always be random, since stampedes are naturally unpredictable). Or, or, even better, the Raptor Squad chases the dinos to get a stampede going!


It could even be something that spawns. Imagine being out for a walk and you see this massive herd coming your way. If they did it that way I’d limit it to once per day per player, but it would be unpredictable when or where it would occur.


One of the better ideas I’ve seen here, I like that.


Interesting… I see possibilities therein.