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Standard PVP vs Boosted PVP Poll

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Boosted battles have been gone a long time now.
It’s modded versus regular.
Or perhaps you mean modded when you write boosted?
Just wondering.


I liked boosts better than mods… Maybe “Boosts versus Mods” should be the next poll??

I mean, props due where they’re deserved- a lot of hard to work went into the Mods system and they’ve gotten much better since they released.

I just wish their trade value was better (Boosts, while still not a great value, fared way better than Mods in the trade harbor). I also appreciated that we got anything from the Boosts to Mods transition, but still felt a little short changed on the trade off.

Kinda wish I didn’t have to do this, but I just don’t keep and Mods on hand in my inventory… That way I don’t have to deal with their negative impacts to my trade harbor. I buy enough to complete the dailies and then burn them instantly in PVPs.

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I meant Mods,I got confused with JW Alive.

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I only do mod battles for SDNA. Half the time, I get some crappy dino I already have, the other half 40LP points.

Can’t I just get some SDNA?


You probably need to bring higher level dinos to get better prizes.
I send 3x level 30 VIPs and win SDNA regularly.


It says elite prize. (Or expert, I don’t remember which.)

I just typically loose at the spinning part.

When I do win, it is 50SDNA.


You have a higher bracket reward than me @Timmah.

50 SDNA for Elite sounds correct. I get 30 for Advanced bracket.


I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, how computations are made deciding which prizes you get.
Not sure if ferocity of team you bring affects such calculations, or everything’ s pure probability within each segment, be it elite or the lower ones.
All I can say is, I bring 3x VIP 30s, Cenozoic or Aquatic, using all rare MODs, and I get 50 SDNA on a regular basis.
Yes, I do get some 40 DNA and kaprosuchus, ophiacodon, aerotitan or shunosaurus.
But I get at least as many 50 SDNA cards.
In fact, I played a few minutes ago and won a pack of velociraptor SDNA.
Also, carnivore hybrids.
Almost all my rajastegas (40 and 30) and spinoraptors (5x 40, 1x30) are prizes from modded battles.
Maybe what MODs you use matter too.
I haven’t tried to see if prizes get better with SR or legendary MODs.
I’m too much of a Scrooge to try.
Will someone please try and let me know how it goes? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think I remember hearing someone say before that there were 3 tiers within the Elite wheel that varied based on ferocity which rewards you get. I know that I pretty much always use a level 30 VIP or 40 unique with 2 super weak dino’s for my PvP and I feel like I get sDNA at least 60-70% of the time.

And, since I recently decided to clear out my inventory of mods… I’ve been using a ton of legendary and SR mods during the modded PvP an I’m not seeing any change from when I used to just use all Rare ones. Haven’t officially tracked anything though - purely anecdotal.


@Timmah’s experience is also mine. My three daily PvPs are typically modded with level 30 VIPs or level 30 legendary hybrids with three common mods, sometimes two commons and one rare. I’ve read the numbers for the elite prize wheel. In theory, you have about a 40% chance to win S-DNA, then about 30-30 to win a creature or regular DNA.

In spite of that, almost every day I get at least one 40 DNA win, which is very disheartening. Probably another 40% of the time I get either Kaprosuchus or Aerotitan, with a healhy mix of Ophiacodon tossed in. I feel bad because I’ve come to hate these three creatures for no fault of their own; they just come into my card count so much because of the modded PvP.

I used to prefer the regular PvP, but two things changed: first, my videos don’t work maybe 20% of the time, often enough that it’s a regular, frustrating occurrence not to get a second spin; second, since my coins and food are usually maxed out, the PvP prize wheel has little to attract me (I have all the creatures in it leveled up to 40, and you have about a 60% chance of coin or food for a win).

In sum: Modded PvP is marginally better because of its prize wheel, but neither is really worth the effort. Aside from tournaments, I do my three daily PvPs for that prize, but have no incentive to do more.


When I was trying to build my superhybrids up to a useful level, playing modded PvP helped me substantially, basically indoraptor, monostegotops and diplosuchus. Kaprosuchus SDNA was initially really really hard to get, then became much more accessible.
Now I made no detailed records, so you just have to trust my word on this, your choice.
I recall rewards coming from the modded PvP fluctuating depending on when you’re playing.
There would be times when I’d hit 40 regular DNA maybe 2 out of 7 tries or something like that.
On another occasion, I’m hitting SDNA packs at a comparable rate (no kidding, it happened).
I consider 40 DNA, 40LP, ophiacodon, kaprosuchus, aerotitan, shunosuchus or even diplolator as “cost of doing business” type of thing.
Glass half full versus half empty, perhaps?
I’m startled at my level 40 and 30 rajastegas, never would have purchased that many after initial fusion to create it.
Carnoraptor, man, how in the world did I get that many?
Ditto the diplolator, which is still marginally useful for my tourneys, but the super hybrid version has pretty much taken over that role nowadays.
These all came via the modded PvP prize wheel.
I’m presuming everyone gets the crappy prizes too, but if you plod on, you should get the better prizes too.
That’s why I postulated in my earlier post, whether the distribution of prize awards isn’t a “pure probability” like a mechanical monkey throwing darts with identical odds every single time.
Only Ludia truly knows if the % odds are indeed true.
Kinda like fishing (not that I’m an expert, no way Jose).
There’re better times to fish than others.
So if you happen to be playing under “more favorable” conditions (odds), you get the better prizes at a relatively disproportionate rate (compared to “lesser” times).
Now with fishing, experts say watch the tides (or weather or whatever).
“Mork calling Orson … come in, Orson…Nanoo nanoo.” :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s basically my experience as well. I’d say I get sDNA about 50% of the time, and the crappy dinos about 1/4, 40 DNA/LP/Food the other 1/4 and very very rarely a good hybrid (I think I’ve only won a Raja twice, even though I do play these regularly, at least a couple a day). For me, the time expenditure because of how slow they are to get through just isn’t worth it. I feel the same way about the regular PvPs now, particularly with also regularly losing the second spin. So I’ll do them if I have free ad watches, but that’s about it. They really dropped the quality of the prizes in it, particularly the chances of getting good packs. Remember the days when there was a not-insignificant chance of getting a Golden Pack (which also still had DBs)?? Since I do work full-time and have other things that consume my time, I have to pick and choose what time I spend on the game particularly during the week.


K thanks,when you reach level 30,and do the trials for the mods,then the thing is that you do 4 trials,each rewarding a different pack,however each of the mod packs gives you 200 bucks, totally 800 bucks