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Standardized arena

I suspect this has been suggested before, but how about a separate division of arena with standardized dinos. That means no boosts and all level 26 dinos. This way folks who want to pay to win can keep playing at the normal arena and those players that want to practice strategy and get good at the game can play against each other in the standardized arena. Y’all can figure out the rewards and incubators and all that, but I would just like to enjoy the gameplay…which I really can not with all the pay to win nonsense.


This atrocity is why I want an unboosted arena


Yeah it’s been brought up.
Everyone would switch to the F2P arena and the game loses money.


I really like this idea. To be able to choose to fight with or without boost. I hope Ludia listens and consider this idea. I would like to see a choice to battle the AI as well.

What concerns me is that ludia is unlikely to consider this…as all the paying players will wonder “why didn’t my progress matter”, despite making for much more fun gameplay for us. Wipe or nerf boost caps in PvP is much more possible…but even then I think our best bet is to fight for more skill tournaments and switch advantage tournaments to be unboosted but open level.

Hope that was the workst case I faced. hahahahahha

But yeah, its really powerful