Star Hoppers Recruiting!

About the alliance:

Star Hoppers is a brand-new alliance founded by a few members who recently left their inactive alliance. As a result, we place a high value on member activity. However, we understand that you have a life outside of the game and that things can come up, but this can be solved by having active communication and giving notice if you are unable to participate.

We use Discord as our primary way of communicating with each other, organizing raids and so on. We also have members from all continents, ensuring that there will always be members available to join raids when others are unavailable.

There are eight very active members currently; however, not all of them have transferred over yet.


  • Complete the 10 takedowns every tournament.

  • Discord is required in most cases since it makes communication a lot easier, as well as making organizing raids, sanctuaries, etc. easier as well.

  • Our trophy limit is currently 1000, but we will have a few spots open for members who are below the limit if they demonstrate a high level of activity and a willingness to grow.

  • Contribute to the weekly Defense and Exploration incubators.

  • Open your daily battle incubators.

  • Donate DNA whenever possible so that we can all grow stronger together.

Why should you join Star Hoppers?

  • Highly active members!

  • Daily cash links!

  • Members from all continents ensuring you will always have someone to raid with!

  • Discord server with high levels of communication, as well as raid strategies!

  • Organized sanctuaries!

  • And more!

Join our discord to be part of our alliance!